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how to create backup files?

Updated on November 25, 2009

CREATING BACKUPS:  Backups means multiple copies of the same data, software or anyone such material backups are very helpful to recover data from accidentals or any other damage. If data is changed due to conflict and the recovery of original data is needed, then one should have backup copies. Backup facilities exist almost in every software from simple word processor to complicated database management system however it is a better thinking to program these facilities and use a command button by the name of "created backup" or another similar name. Clicking this button will automatically make backup copies of data on our disk or backup server. In case of general purpose application software like Work processor and spread sheets, the "Save as" command of File drop down menu is used for backups creation. However for special purpose application software like database, back facility can be programmed in any way but it should be user friendly.


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