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How to get rid of viruses?

Updated on January 10, 2010

Getting Rid Of Viruses

Software such as "Dr. Salomon's Anti virus Toolkit" can be used to check any disk for known viruses and get rid of them. Of course, the floppy disk containing anti virus software should be write protected before use or it may itself become infected.

There are number of precaution that company can take to slow down the spread of virus. These are:

  • Viruses are frequently spread by careless hardware engineers who move from machine to machine or software salesman while running demonstration programs. The most obvious precaution to take before a demonstration program is sown is to make sure that the diskette is write protected so that no virus can be written into it. The same precaution should be taken by an engineer before inserting a disk into a machine.
  • No floppy disks should be brought in from outside e.g games, disks brought back from a training course, disk containing sample software and so on and inserting into a machine without first checked by virus checker program. The virus checker may be installed on all machines or held on one machine where disks can be checked.
  • whenever new software is purchased, the diskettes that t came on should be write protected before putting them into the disk drive. This will mean that the distribution diskette will not become accidentally infected.
  • Blank formatted disks can be inoculated against boot sector viruses such as Italian and stoned by using anti virus software. This means that even thoughts they are write enabled they will not get infected by those viruses.

  • while downloading from the Internet check what ever is downloaded with the help of virus checker.
  • Don't open spam email i.e. email from anonymous senders. Check before downloading an attachment from email that is sent to you.
  • Be careful from anti viruses on the web. There are some anti viruses that are actually viruses and are used to deceive careless people always buy anti virus software from guaranteed vendor.


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