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How to Hide Facebook Email So No One Can See It

Updated on February 9, 2015

Introduction to Being More Secure and Hiding Your Email on Facebook

There are plenty of ways for people to get hold of your email address. Spam, spoofs, phishing schemes, all take advantage of your email.

If you feel funny about posting your email address on Facebook, you are not alone. Many people remove their email address from their Facebook page. This makes sense. After all, your 'friends' can just contact you via facebook without your gmail, or hotmail or whatever mail you use.

Removing your email address from Facebook is not easy to do though. I suspect that Facebook wants you to be as public as possible, after all, much of its reputation is based on people being able to 'find' you and being able to connect. They want to encourage people to communicate. Maybe this is why hiding your email on Facebook is a pain in the butt.

The following steps will show you how to remove your email from public view. Check it out.

Step 1 - Account Page

At your home screen go to the top of the page and select "Account" then "Account Settings"

This will put you in the "My Account" page. Look for the "Privacy" setting line down the page.

Step 2 - The Manage Link

Click the "Manage" link on that same line

Now you are in a "Choose Your Privacy Settings" page. Down the page in very small print click the "Customize Settings" link.

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Step 3 - FaceBook Contact Information Section

In the "Choose Your Privacy Settings - Customize Settings" page, scroll down to the "Contact Information" section.

In the "Contact Information" section, look for your email address.

Next to your email address will be a box showing your current setting. Click the box and a drop down box will appear.

Step 4 -Customize

In the drop down box, select "Customize" This, by the way, is where I think Facebook is a little coy about offering more privacy. Why don't they just allow you to make this info private within this drop down box. Instead they offer the bit enigmatic "Customize"

Anyway, click on "Customize"

Step 5 - Custom Privacy Window

In the "Custom Privacy" window that appears, look for the section called "These People" and click the drop down arrow.

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Step 6 - "Only Me" Can See My Email

If you want to completely hide your email, select “Only Me”

Then, only "you" will be able to view your email address on Facebook. You can also choose other options that are less private on this same window.

Once you have selected “Only Me” or whichever option you prefer, click the “Save Setting” button and you are all done.

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