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How to Install ICS on Amazon Kindle Fire

Updated on November 4, 2012

Kindle Fire ICS Update

Amazon Kindle Fire runs on its own custom made version of Android. If you are a Kindle Fire user then you shall know that there is little to no hope of getting an official ICS update for your Kindle Fire. But don’t worry you can do it without the help or consent of Amazon. This step by step guide will help you in this process to update your Kindle fire with Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android or Android 4.0.

This update is done by a custom ROM which is developed by a super geek at XDA. Using this Kindle Fire ICS update ROM you can get a true Android tablet from the Amazon dumb plate.

Read Before You Proceed

1) This is not an official update. Google Inc. or Amazon has no role in it and also no responsibility.

2) This is a custom ROM which is in a developing stage. That is why there will be some bugs in it. You may have trouble while connecting with the PC via USB.

3) You shall lose the Amazon interface and Amazon stuffs after downloading. But you shall get the Google stuffs which are not in the original including the Google Play Store.

4) If you are a novice in such stuffs like rooting or updating Android seek help from an experienced fellow.

5) This website or the author will not be responsible for any damage to your phone, data or your if your girl friend flees from you. Do it in your own risk.

6) Make a backup of your existing data.

7) Charge the Kindle Fire to at least 70% before updating.


Things which will be needed to do the update of your Amazon Kindle Fire with ICS are as follows:-

1) An Amazon Kindle Fire loaded with TWRP custom recovery and FFF. If you do not have it you may learn how to do it from here

2) A PC/Laptop.

3) A good internet connection. Wi-fi will be better otherwise 3G will do.

Kindle Fire Android 4.0 Update : Stage I

1) You need have to install the ICS custom ROM from here to your PC. The size of the file is 140.68 MB.

2) The download will be better done with Wi-Fi. Save the downloaded Zip file to your PC.

3) Now connect your Kindle Fire to PC.

4) Copy the zip to SD card of the Kindle Fire. Do not try to extract the zip.

5) Now disconnect the tablet from the PC.

Stage II

1) 1) Now restart the Kindle Fire to enter into the TWRP recovery mode. To launch recovery you shall have to press the power button while booting of the device.

2) Now you shall see the TWRP recovery menu screen.

3) From the main TWRP window select the Wipe button.

4) Now select the Factory Reset button. This will delete the existing firmware of your Kindle Fire.

5) After that select “Dalvik Cache”. It will clear the Dalvik Cache.

6) Now return to the main menu by tapping the Home button.


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Final Stage

1) Now in the main menu of the recovery screen select “Install”.

2) Now find out the zip file and tap it to select and install.

3) It will take some time to install. Wait for some time for the installation to be completed.

4) After the successful installation of the ROM tape the Wipe button again.

5) Again select Cache and then Dalvik Cache. It will make the tablet junk free.

6) Now reboot your Amazon Kindle Fire.

7) Now you shall see the ICS on your Amazon Kindle Fire. Enjoy!

Enjoy ICS on Kindle Fire

This guide will help you to enjoy Android 4.0 on your Amazon Kindle Fire. Enjoy the new experience and full freedom on your Kindle Fire.


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