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How To Send Free Mobile SMS In India?

Updated on December 14, 2011

Free SMS

There are so many ways to send free sms in India. Different services provide the different facilities. Some of them make this service available with advertisings. But many of them provide free sms service without any advertisements but with the logo of their company.

There is also difference between how receiver can see the incoming text massage that is sms. By using some services receiver receives the sms as a normal one with the mobile number of the sender. But with some services this facility is not available. Instead of the number of sender, receiver can see the logo of free sms providing company. And after opening that sms receiver can see the mobile number of the sender along with his massage. Some of the free sms providing services are given below.

Address book, sent sms, received sms like facilities are provided by all of the free sms providing companies. You must have to register your mobile number at first and after that they will send you the specific code on your mobile number via sms. You have to enter that code at a given place for completing your registration process. After finishing your registration process you can send free sms without any difficulties.


With way2sms you can send the sms upto 140 characters without any advertisement. Receiver receives the sms as a normal one. At the bottom of the sms there is a line as, "sms sent by way2sms".

As a registered member of way2sms you can use all in one instant messenger including yahoo and gtalk. Also they provide you their free way2sms email address. You can also send free sms from mobile using their wap site via gprs connection.


160by2 is another free sms providing company. They place a little advertisement at the bottom of the sent massage along with their company name. They provide you the sms of 80 characters. Receiver receives the sms as a normal one that is with the mobile number of sender. A very good mobile phone application is available at 160by2 wap site. Using that application via gprs connection you can send free sms from mobile phone.


Another one is by using mycantos. Mycantos is a social networking website for the Indians. Mycantos application is available on orkut. So if you are orkut member then also you can send free sms after registering your mobile number. The name of the application on orkut is sms me. They provide the sms of much more that is 146 characters and that also without any advertisement. But receiver receives the sms as a name of mycantos. And within that sms, a number of sender is there.


Also ibibo has a very good application about sending free sms. They provide the sms of 140 characters with advertisement and the name of ibibo at the bottom of the sms. Ibibo is the social networking website specially focused on Indian peoples.


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    • profile image

      smitha 5 years ago

      Is there any mobile application available through which we can send free msgs without gprs connection

    • profile image

      styles2009 5 years ago

      Send free SMS to India for free and without registration,even you can also send it to any country.

      Try now Freesmszone now and send unlimited SMS to friend and families around the world.

    • profile image

      9773265760 5 years ago

      kiss is not like nokia just connecting people

      not like nike just do it

      not like pepsi yeh dil mange more

      but kiss is like lAYs no one can eat just one

      happy kiss day

    • profile image

      chinmoy 5 years ago

      have any free sms site that sent only sender number no company logo?

    • profile image

      S.J. Infosys 6 years ago

      Hai how r ru

    • profile image

      Prasanthi 7 years ago

      At present is rocking with more features....and user friendly providing 250character message with out ads

    • profile image

      prerna 7 years ago

      Try it allow to send unlimited free sms with 500 characters i am finding this site from google

    • profile image

      suraj 7 years ago

      Now you can earn money by send free sms's.

      Guaranteed income.

      You earn money for each and every message you send.

      Invite friends and earn more money when ever they send or receive messages.

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    • profile image

      arun 9875227747 7 years ago

      its a site where u can sms more than 140 to 160 words

      it's totally free

    • profile image

      Bakki 7 years ago is the best one , you can send 250 letters

    • profile image

      sumit 7 years ago

      look it

    • profile image

      ixsms 7 years ago

      Alternative of, Send FREE SMS to Any Mobile in India. Register and Logon Now

    • profile image

      amit 7 years ago

      Send FREE SMS to any mobile number in India.

      Also Lots of good SMS quotes are available for FREE.

    • profile image

      Sivi 8 years ago gives you 140 characters. and the delivery is pretty reliable

    • mymagicview profile image

      Rohan Jagtap 8 years ago from Maharashtra

      Step1: open site below with airtel live or airtel gprs on your mobile .

      Step2: Click on "160by2 Menu" Link.

      Step3: At the bottom there is a link "Download 145 Characters FREE SMS Application." Click on that and install the application.

      Step4: Use that application to send free sms from your mobile phone via airtel live or gprs.

    • profile image

      divyang 8 years ago

      plz tell me how to use this free sending sms Brw. in my handset with airtel sim card 6020