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About Orkut

Updated on October 13, 2011

What is Orkut?

Orkut is the online social community. It is the product of Google. Orkut is mostly popular across India and Brazil. Why orkut is so special? The simplicity is the specialty of Google. An Indian person loves the simplicity. This is the reason behind the popularity of Nokia and Google in India.

What is Scrap?

The scrap is the most popular term in orkut. Scrap is the massage. It is just like a wall in other social communities. Friends send scraps to each other. They can send the animated scraps with the html code. Scrap is the way which keeps them in touch. You can also dedicate song to your friend by scrap. There are so many sites which provide the quality scraps for the orkut. These sites are rich with the animated scraps and songs. They provide us the html code. We copy and paste it in a scrapbox. Send it to your friends.

How to Download Image From Orkut?

You can't download the images from orkut by simply making right click on that image. If you want to download the images from orkut follow these simple steps.

Make lift click on that image. Hold that click. And move the mouse to "address bar" of your internet browser. Now that image will open in the same window of your internet browser. Make right click on that image. This time right click will work. Save image as you do every time.

Photos, Videos and Privacy

You can connect with your friends and schoolmates using this service. I am in touch with my old schoolmates only because of orkut. Thanks for that. In orkut you can upload photos. You can share videos of youtube. After uploading the photos, orkut provides the privacy settings to each of your album. You can set the privacy in three levels such as only with email addresses that you have provided, with your friends or with anyone on orkut. You can lock your scrapbook, photos and videos for the strangers. Only your friends on orkut can see it. Your profile information comes with three stages such as social, professional and personal. Thus you can set your privacy settings. So with this feature you can live without any tension.

Testimonials, Chat etc.

The testimonials are the feelings that you have about your friend. You can send testimonial with your feelings to your friend. When your friend accepts that testimonial, it will be visible below his profile page. You can categories your friends as school, college, work. Also you can make a lists as hot list, crush list and ignore list. You can also bookmark someone's profile. Besides scraps you can also send massages like emails to your friends. Orkut provides the chatting facility on the same orkut page that you are surfing. So if you want to chat, you can chat with them by using gtalk. It is very simple to use and very useful. If you want to save your chatting, it will get automatically saved in your gmail account. If you don't want to save, then you can change the settings. On orkut you can rate the people and friends as trusty, cool and sexy. Also someone can become your fan. And you can become someone's fan.

Orkut Communities Themes, Scraps and Events

There are so many beautiful themes available for orkut. You can select your favorite one. Also orkut is the place where the peoples with a same interest meet each other. They create communities like Nokia N70, Katrina Kaif, mind power, dreams, love etc. anyone can create his own community. Who creates the community is the owner of that community. Owner can add the moderators to his community. In a specific community peoples share their opinions via forums, polls. Orkut provides the facility of creating events. Anyone can create event. Events considers the information like date, subject, place, who to invite?, you can add the photographs to that event.

Applications, Music and SMS

Applications are the most useful services present on orkut. By adding the applications like 'sms me' you can send sms anyone in india for free without exploring your mobile number. So if your friend is not online, instead of sending scraps, you can send sms. Another very good application is 'music maaza'. You can listen any hindi, tamil, telugu and kannada songs online. You can join the various fan clubs, play so many games. There are so many intrusting applications. An application increases the use of orkut.

With privacy setting you can decide to share your updates with your friends or not. You can see who visited your profile, if it is enabled. Also you can hide it, if you don't want to let it know to others that you have visited their profile. orkut is available in so many languages. You can give your comments to the photos of your friends. Also you can tag them. If your internet speed is lower, you can use the low bandwidth version of the orkut. So overall orkut is a great place to make a new friend, connect with your old friends. You can meet here to the peoples with a same interest. Orkut is such a simple and sweet community. You can ask if there is any question about orkut in your mind.


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      Rajeev Kaushal 8 years ago

      Hey this Rajeev from O.F. Chanda working in Ordnance Factory Chanda more over I am a student of O.F. Higher Secondry school during 1980's if any of my batch/school mates are on this site pls contact me on my cell no.09822920569 or can send me mail on