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how to unrar files

Updated on February 7, 2010

.rar files

Files on the Internet are many shapes and sizes.

Most of the files available for download are compressed to make them smaller, and so they download quicker to your PC. What does this mean? Well, imagine a sponge that soaks up water. If you wanted to pickup some water and transfer it, (just like a file) you would be able to transfer the water alot quicker if instead of using your hands you instead use a sponge to soak up the water and in one go transfer it. This is how compression works.

The way your files are compressed are like sponge varieties. Everyone thinks their sponge is the best, and can hold the most water securely.

You may have already heard of zipping files? A rar file is another sponge. The sponge is wrapped around your original files, and to get to your original files you need to open up the rar file.

For example if you have a photo of your family, and its a high quality photo, it might be 3mb in size. If you send the file to someone, they can view it right away on their PC.
However, when you Zip, or Rar a file, then you first have to open the file up before you can view the picture inside. Compressing the file in this way might reduce the size to 1mb.

You will need some software to extract your file from a rar. You can recognise a rar file as it will be called filename.rar


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