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How To Update An Android OS On Android Phones

Updated on April 13, 2013

How To Update An Android OS On Android Phones

The mobile market has been characterized by great competition and seemingly there exists the race to develop and sell the latest and most advanced hardware. This is more evident with the android OS and the android devices running on the latest release of the mobile operating system are most coveted. The frenetic pace at which the technological improvements are done to the operating system is reminiscent with the early stages and the ever growing popularity of the android platform. An individual has to learn how to update an android OS on android phones to be in a position to keep abreast of the technological improvements.

These changes are not entirely welcome to a big constituency of android users who end up with obsolete systems and devices as the technological innovations march forward. But with the knowledge of how to update an android OS on android phones, an individual is saved from feeling despondent by taking advantage of a new release of the android OS. It should be remembered that updates to the android OS come with new and improved features that improve on the overall user experience. Most importantly by knowing how to update an android OS on android phones you actually get security fixes to the operating system and your device at large.

Here are a set of easy to follow instructions on how to update an android OS on android phones and which may save an individual from purchasing new android devices. First and foremost the android phone should be turned on and preferably plugged to the power socket.

  • Press on the Menu button on the android phone

  • On the Menu Options provide, select and tap on the Settings icon

  • Once here, find and tap on the About Phone option to open it

  • Find System Updates option and tap on it. Once this is done the android phone will automatically check for new releases or updates. If any is found proceed to install the updates and on the other hand if there are no releases to be downloaded, the phone will automatically show a notification that the android OS is fully updated.

In the scenario that the releases and updates were found, then the software will be downloaded and installed. This is when the android phone should be connected to a power source to avoid interruptions. Also, it is preferable that the device should receive internet connectivity via Wi-Fi which is better able to handle large amounts of data effectively cutting short the time consumed. After the installation is complete, the android phone will automatically restart.

Of utmost importance before proceeding with the steps on how to update an android OS on android phones, it is important to have a backup to data on the device. Most android OS updates will wipe off data contained in your android phone. The best way to do a quick backup is to sync the phone with your Gmail account so as to access the data if the update wipes clean the android phone. Remember that favorite apps both the purchased and the free apps are not lost and can be downloaded again from Google Play once the update is complete.

How to Update an Android OS

Having learned and even internalized how to update an android OS on android phones, you have enough reason to look forward to the next release of the android OS and enjoy the awesome features it carries.


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