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how to use bit torrent the peer to peer network file sharing service in the internet

Updated on June 27, 2012
Bit Torrent logo
Bit Torrent logo


Bit torrents are the cause of a recent media flurry against file sharing. Bit Torrents allows you to share with many other people anywhere in the world, a set of files. 

As well as legal downloads that are shared, there is also lots of illegal films, and music being shared on these sites. 

This guide will help you get started in bit torrent file sharing.

Download the bit torrent program

Go to the main website, and download what is called the bit torrent client.

This is the first part of what you need to get started in file sharing. This program will download the files you choose.

The way it works is by contacting all the people who have, and who are downloading the files, and sharing the data & transfer capabilities amongst all the users.

This way the computing resources are shared around the users computers, and if one of the people is not available at any time, then the swarm can continue sharing the data.

Tracker Sites

Now, where do you get all these files from? Bit torrent doesn't include any files.

You have to find some torrent sites.

These are trackers, which means that they don't hold any of the data, but they are the sign posts, of the pc's that are sharing that data. These tracker signposts direct you to the pc's available that have the files you want.

You can run a google search for tracker sites, or you can choose from a list of some of the best below.

Bit torrent tracker lists


Bit torrent is an excellent program, but you don't have to be downloading illegal files with it.

There is lots of genuine companies that are now using it because it makes your downloads very fast, and reduces resources on their own web servers.

Even if you don't plan to use bit torrent for illegal downloads, have it installed and ready, you'll be surprised where it pops up.

Just make sure that you've got plenty of extra hard disk drive space, as once you get started downloading you won't want to stop!

Checkout the list of external hard drives below, you can just plug these into via USB, and increase your storage quickly & easily.

If at the same time you would like to make money while your downloading i would recommend you read this.


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