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How VoIP Helps Business Organizations Improve Communications

Updated on August 4, 2015

VoIP Makes a Perfect Fit

Business organizations need to have a communication system that stands the test of time and costs a dime. When we look around for such a system, VoIP (also known as internet phone service) makes a perfect fit. Many of the Fortune 500 companies now use internet phone service for internal and external communications. VoIP has started playing a major role in business communications. There are several ways in which VoIP can help a business organization boost performance and enhance productivity. Let us have a look at the real implications of introducing internet phone system to a business.

Business Professionals


Taking Benefit of Open Standard Protocols

Business organizations often need to have a flexible phone system that is free of licensing requirements and other strings attached. IP PBX can work with any of the open source protocols like SIP. This gives independence to a business for signing up with any VoIP phone service that supports the protocol. For example, there are several SIP based VoIP services like Axvoice, Vonage, and Packet 8 etc. Business management has the freedom to choose that service which best suits its particular needs and falls within the budget allocated for a business phone service.

Exchanging ideas through conferencing


Audio and Video Conferencing

Business organizations spend bulk of money every year on online conferences. Many enterprises have offices located at far off places which make audio conferencing unavoidable. Internet phone helps businesses make audio conferencing. And since it depends on internet, it has the capacity to simultaneously take several callers on-board. New IP PBXs have built in support for video conferencing. All a business needs to do is acquire phone sets that support video. This will enable the business organization to avail the video conferencing facility as well.

Cabling Requirements

Each new phone user added to the old PBX system dearly costs the organization. A dedicated technician is required to carry out the task. And the work may even take a full day to get accomplished depending on the type of wiring installed. This also restricts the movement of the phone within the office space from one place to another. VoIP, on contrary, allows users to simply carry their internet phone to any place and plug-in the wire. It simply works with your existing LAN/Ethernet. The software working at the back takes care of the rest. Adding and removing phone users within a VoIP phone system is also pretty easy. There isn’t any need to set new wires every time a user needs to be added.

Increased Work Productivity


Businesses have witnessed increase in their productivity owing to the shift towards VoIP phone service. Prior to VoIP, the staff had to manually do many of the chores for old PBX system. These unnecessary activities consumed a lot of their time. The usual tasks included placing call on hold, transferring calls, receiving fax, setting up audio bridges, finding phone numbers, and forwarding calls. Automated IP PBX helped eradicate all these unnecessary tasks requiring human involvement.

Auto Attendant

Auto attendance feature helps serve many purposes. Firstly, it helps people find the right person to whom they wish to talk by giving several options to incoming callers. Secondly, it eliminates the need to have a human telephone operator for directing calls which results in significant money savings. Computer assisted call directing also reduces the unnecessary time required to connect incoming callers to various people within the organization.

Business with ease


Flexibility of Devices and Portability

Internet phones are independent of location and device. An employee can use VoIP on his PC, through the ATA device, or his smart phone. VoIP can be used from anywhere in the world without paying any roaming or other additional charges. Business organizations where employees need to travel can rely on VoIP service to save phone bill costs. If an employee is not able to come to workplace, he can use VoIP to remain in contact with the office from his home. Many small business organizations are already taking the benefit of VoIP phone service's portability.

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Taking Your Calls on the Road

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    • LaraineRoses profile image

      Laraine Sims 

      7 years ago from Lake Country, B.C.

      I love the way you set this up. Good attribution too. Angel blessed.


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