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A Complete Guide to Root HTC Inspire 4G Easily

Updated on June 5, 2015

What do you like to do with your old phones? Do you resell those or keep it inside your house? Do you have an old but great smartphone made by HTC named HTC Inspire 4G? This device is old but gold. It was released in January, 2011. In the world of the smartphones, the gap of 2 / 3 years is equivalent to 20 to 30 years in normal life. In 2011, it was a trendy phone but now it has lost its glory. But still, you can renew this T-Rex and enjoy the ancient power hidden inside the old Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon CPU. For getting the latest updates, you need to root the phone. Rooting will open the world of the exciting custom ROMs to you. So, do not hesitate to root the old HTC Inspire 4G to get maximum benefits with minimum risks.

Ace Advanced Hack Tool
Ace Advanced Hack Tool

Why Do You Need to Root?

You need to root HTC Inspire 4G to be able to get unofficial android updates. Such updates will renew the phone. You shall get the full permission of accessing and altering every files of the phone’s system after the root. A rooted phone can use many special applications to perform wonders. For example, there is an app which will let you play many latest graphic intensive 3D games on your phone which would otherwise be impossible to play. There are some nasty little apps which can do many other interesting things. You can make your phone run faster and smoother by installing proper custom ROMs.

Points to be Noted

Before you proceed to root your HTC Inspire 4G, you need to learn about these:

1) Though, the process described here is very safe, nothing can be predicted with 100% precision about a digital gadget. So, there is always a chance (not very much) of happening something bad to your phone. You must be aware of the risk beforehand.

2) I think, if you are not a very technical person or you do not know a dime about such things, you need to seek help from someone who knows. That fellow will be able to help you if something goes wrong.

3) I think you are mature enough to understand that if by any chance your phone got damaged, no one but you yourself will get the responsibility. So, you have to take all the responsibility before proceeding.

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1) A computer.

2) Good internet connection.

3) An HTC Inspire 4G phone.

4) A USB data cable.

An application named Ace Hack Tool.


1) Do not forget to backup your important data from the phone memory. You should save the phone numbers, email IDs and other contact information elsewhere. The contact numbers stored in the SIM card will not be affected though. Backup other items like photos, ringtones, music and videos to a micro SD card before rooting.

2) If you do not backup the installed apps then those could be deleted. So, take backup of the apps which you have loaded from the Play store or via 3rd party.

3) The mobile should be sufficiently charged. We recommend to keep the battery level above 70%. If you have a phone with low charge level, then it could be shut off during the operation. Such an accident can brick your phone.

4) You need to enable USB Debugging from the menu. This is the loop hole in the impenetrable house of Android. Our program breaks the gates by entering through this hole.

5) Disable the antivirus software and the firewall on your machine. Otherwise, these programs can interfere with the whole process.

The Process

1. Ok, Guys, now we shall discuss the main rooting process. Just follow the steps.

2. I hope that you have already downloaded the “Ace Hack Tool” software. Now, unzip it and keep it on desktop.

3. Now, connect your mobile phone with the PC using the USB cable.

4. Now, right click on the “Ace Hack Tool” application and select “Run as Administrator”.

5. After that, the application window will open.

6. There are 4 options 1. Hack, 2. Donate, 3. Options Menu, 4. Toggle Flash Menu, and 5. Quit.

7. Press 1 on keyboard number pad and then press “Enter”. This command will initiate the root process.

8. The phone will be rebooted twice during the process. Wait for some time for the whole process to be completed.

9. After the completion the rooting you should disconnect the phone from the PC. Now, open the battery cover to pull out the battery to shut the phone down. Then, reinsert the battery and reboot the phone.

10. Now, it is the time to install the “Busy box” app. After that start the Superuser app to control the rooted device.

Root Xioami RedMi 1s

My another hub about how to root Xioami RedMi 1S. This guide is simple and there is also an unroot method if you do not like to keep your phone rooted. I hope this hub will also be beneficial to you if you have a RedMi 1S.

Final Words

I think the process is quite simple to understand. Just try to follow every step as stated above. If you encounter any problem then you need to do these things again. Try to get help from an experienced person if you encounter many problems.

So, this is the way to root the HTC Inspire 4G phone. You will get a free phone after that. You can do many things with it and also get the facilities of recent Android updates.


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    • profile image

      mitra 4 years ago


      Does this method work for 2.3.5 with sense 3.0 ? Also do we need to unlock bootloader?? pls respond at mitrasubhrojyoti@gmail