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iBallz Protects iPad from Drops and Spills

Updated on February 20, 2011

Relax when your kids and friends handle your iPad!

UPDATE: iBallz now come in colors - black, white, grey, green, red and aqua.

The iPad protection market is a huge one. There are so many unique products available it is very difficult to decide which the best is. When coming across the iBallz iPad Shock Absorber I was intrigued and surprised at how it can apparently save your iPad from a crashing death with just 4 dense foam balls on an elastic cord. The iBallz protects an iPad by simply placing one of the balls on each corner and then tightening the rubber cord via the plastic sliding lock (like those you find on children’s jackets). It looks quite odd – but hey – if it works that is a great thing.

With a simple adjustment the iBallz can become an iPad stand. There are no sharp edges or hard surfaces that could scratch or damage the iPad. The iBallz is lightweight, easy to pack and easy to install. All ports and controls buttons are available once the iBallz are in place, although you may have to nudge them out of the way at times. A spilled drink is no problem and heat buildup is no problem – the iBallz keeps the iPad elevated above a solid surface.


You may be wondering how the balls fit onto the iPad corners. Each of the four rubber balls have a portion cut out that perfectly fits over the corner of the device. The iBallz will work on the iPad, the Kindle and some other electronic devices as well.

The elastic cord allows for a custom fit depending on which device you install it on. Remove one top ball from its corner position – then slide the ball to the backside of the iPad. This will set the iPad at an angle which makes it convenient to type, to watch videos or to surf the web. Adjust the ball higher or lower on the cord for either the portrait position or the landscape position.


The iBallz is not a case – I would consider it more of a protection device. It would not fit well into an ordinary iPad sleeve or an iPad bag while on the iPad but it could be packed separately pretty easily. There are now custom designed bags for the iBallz that accomodate the iPad with the iBallz installed. Using the iPad on a solid surface is easy but holding the iPad may feel a bit awkward with the iBallz installed due to the elastic cords wrapping around all four sides. However, after just a few minutes you become accustomed to the unique design.

If you are not the careful type the iBallz makes up for it. If you typically use your iPad in a messy area such as the kitchen the iBallz will protect your iPad against spills and sticky messes. Some features are abit quirky but that is alright. Features of the iBallz cannot be found on any other iPad case or protection device.


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