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iSafe Backpack with Alarm Protects Kids

Updated on May 31, 2015

Who would guess that an unassuming backpack would be doubling as a safety device? A loud car-like alarm hides in the shoulder strap of the iSafe Backpack and can be easily activated by anyone regardless of age. Although the iSafe is best worn by those approximately 8 years old and older the cord that sets off the alarm is easily found and can easily be pulled by even younger children that are close by. If darkness settles in before you do, reflective strips attract the attention of drivers so they know that you are there.


 Beyond the safety alarm and reflective features the iSafe is ergonomically designed to be comfortable. The fabric is a very strong and durable 800 denier ripstop fabric. Padding built into the back provides cushioning between you and the bag. An adjustable strap worn across the front of the body balances heavy loads and makes it much more difficult for the iSafe to be yanked off in the event of an attempted theft or abduction.

Of course, style is very important too. The iSafe is available in black trimmed in reflective silvery-white for the more conservative user. There is a more feminine look as well. Pink and gray sections contrasting with black zippers and black a handle as well as the silvery-white trim would make any girl happy to carry it around. Boys are not left out. There is an iSafe Backpack in blue, gray and black with the same silvery-white trim. Any of the three versions of the iSafe will help you stay organized. Special organizational pockets on the front of the bag along with other concealed compartments work well to carry an iPod, a cell phone or other techie gadgets that are must haves during the day.

The iSafe Backpack is not only for children. However, providing a child with such an easy and effective tool to protect themselves when they are in potential danger is priceless. Unless the need arises to pull the hidden alarm cord the iSafe looks like and acts like any high quality backpack. If the alarm cord is pulled, a very loud car-alarm type noise will be heard. There will also be red flashing lights blinking from a small notch made into the front panel near the bottom of the bag. The noise, flashing lights and someone yelling for help is bound to attract attention-the last thing that a bully or an abductor wants.



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