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Update your Apple iPhone iOS 4.3 Software Now

Updated on May 1, 2011

On the same day Apple has launched its much awaited iPad 2 in the U.S., they have also released their free iOS 4.3 Software Update for both the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The update is free to download right now and ready to update your device. Of course you need it and want it, and why not, its totally free - thanks Apple. Of course, this update is crammed full of new goodies that Apple have not advertised before, ready for the iPad 2 launch.

‘Download & Update’

Simply plug in your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, launch iTunes and press ‘Download & Update’, then wander off for several minutes, fix a drink and get some cookies, and when you return you should be fully up dated with iOS 4.3 Software Update and ready to go. Of course, as with most Apple updates, its mostly under the hood improvements, so nothing looks that different.

So What is New?

So, what do you get in Apple’s iOS 4.3 Software Update? There is several fixes, which are of expected (and needed?), and several exciting new items such as AirPlay Enhancements, Safari Performance, iTunes Home Sharing, Personal Hotspot for iPhone 4, Fast Multitasking, AirPrint and AirPlay.

More AirPlay Enhancements :

Now more in the way of nifty wireless technology, so you can stream all that media from your ‘iDevices’ to your HDTV via Apple TV.1 Plus AirPlay now streams your video from your Photos app, which means you can be shooting a home video on your ‘iDevices’ that is instantly share with everybody else in the room.

Safari Turbo charged?

Apple have have turbo charged their web browser, so a new Nitro JavaScript engine is powering Safari. So, web pages will appear super quick as it runs Java Script twice as fast as the iOS 4.3 software. The web on your ‘iDevices’ has got even quicker!

iTunes Home Sharing :

Access your movies and music from your iTunes library everywhere around your house from a shared iTunes library on a Mac or PC.

Share your Personal Hotspot :

A brand new way for sharing your iPhone 4 cellular data connection with up to 5 devices (using a combination of up to 3 Wi-Fi, 3 Bluetooth, and 1 USB), but requires iPhone 4 with tethering data plan.


Other Minor Improvements Under the Hood :

Ping features :

Push notifications for comments and follow requests

Post and Like songs directly from the Now Playing screen

Parental controls

New Settings :

Messages setting for number of times to repeat an alert

iPad side switch setting to lock screen rotation or mute audio notifications and sound effects

Single tap conference call dialling with a pause to send a passcode

Many of the upgrades to the iOS operating system take full advantage of the enhanced computing power of the iPad 2 which allow you to do more with your ‘iDevices’. Some people like to hang on a few days to see if there if any bugs surface from this new operating system, but why wait, if there is a problem, Apple are pretty quick to sort it out.

Download yours today, what are you waiting for….?


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