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Fragger Desert Strike DS Game App For iPhone - Solutions, Level Walkthroughs, Tips, Cheats

Updated on June 13, 2013

If you are looking for Fragger Dessert Strike tips, solutions, cheats and level walkthroughs then you are in the right place. The Fragger DS game app for the iPhone is currently one of the most popular free downloads from the app store. In this article we will look at some handy tips and solutions and also see if we can find any fragger desert strike cheats. Plus we will have a look at a few walkthroughs for tricky levels such as level 24, level 37 and level 40.

Fragger desert strike is a simple little iPhone and iPad game. The game play is easy to pick up and very addictive. This is a free download so it is well worth getting hold of. This version has 40 levels to play, but you can purchase the full game which has 220 levels with lots of interesting puzzles to try and solve.

Fragger Desert Strike Game

When you open the Fragger DS game app up your are taken to the main menu screen. From here you can either play the game, view the scores, visit the store, turn the music and sound on or off or read and Fragger news. The scores page is very good as you can connect up to Game Centre which allows you to compare your scores with your friends and also anyone else who plays the game. Your name gets put onto the global leaderboards and you can compare your score with other players.

If you visit the store you can buy things such as unlimited grenades, detonators or level solutions. These vary in price from around 59p or 99c up to £1.79 or $2.99. These seem quite expensive really as the game is not that difficult to complete when you just use the standard weapons and game play options. You also have to option on the menu page to view more game which are brought to you by Miniclip.

Game Play


When you start the game for the first time you need to go through the tutorial, this is very simple and easy to understand. Then you enter level one. The idea of Fragger Desert Strike is very simple, your little character must throw the grenades to destroy the enemy forces. To throw the grenades you simply drag the big arrow to the desired direction and angle and then adjust the power. Then release the grenade by taking your finger of the screen and your little man will throw his grenade.

The first level starts off very simple. Each level gets progressively more difficult and many of the later ones even require some working out. To proceed to the next level you must first complete the current one. On each level you are awarded star or golden medals. If you complete the level in the minimum amount of throws you are awarded three golden medals. The more throws you take the less medals you earn and also the less points. For each enemy you kill you are awarded 5000 points. At the end of each level you are given 2000 bonus points for each grenade you didn’t use. You can also pick up a few points for hitting an enemy full on.

Tips, Hints & Cheats

There are a few tips for fragger desert strike we can look at. The first is to be careful not to waste grenades, use them sparingly to get maximum points. Don’t be afraid to go back a level and try again once you know how to complete it. Another handy tip involves some of the more tricky shots. Aim high instead of throwing flat throws, this is easier to get the accuracy right. A clever hint is to remember you don’t always have to blow and enemy up to kill them, sometimes knocking them off ledges will do the job just as well. The most sensible tip is just to practice Fragger DS, as you get used to the game it get’s a lot easier.

If you are looking for some fragger desert strike cheats then I am sorry to say there currently are none. This is still quite a new iPhone and iPad game so maybe someone will come up with some cheats in the future, but currently there are no cheats available for Fragger DS.

Level 40 Walkthrough

Level Solutions & Walkthroughs


Some of the later levels on fragger desert strike are very tricky. It’s not simply a case of aim and fire, you need to work out how to complete the levels. One that a lot of people struggle with is level 24. If you throw the grenades flat they simply roll off the screen. To complete level 24 you need to gently throw the grenades at a very steep angle, trial and error will help and you should complete the level with no problems. Another tricky one is level 37. The solution to this is a little tricky, to do this you need to fire your first shot down the first drain pipe, your second shot down the chimney, your third shot down the first drainpipe again, your forth shot you need to land on the far slope of the roof and roll it down the far drainpipe. This should complete level 37 for you.

The hardest level without a doubt is level 40. To complete this you need to be quick and accurate. There is a level 40 walkthrough video to the right that you can view to get an idea of how to complete the level. Although the solution to level 40 is tricky, once you know how it’s done it is very manageable. I hope those level walkthroughs and solutions have been of some help to you.

The fragger desert strike game app for the iPhone and iPad really is a good fun little game. It’s one that will keep you entertained for a good few hours and if you really enjoy it you can always by the premium version of the game and gave a go at the other levels. So if you like this sort of game then you should download Fragger DS, I am sure it will bring you a good few hours of enjoyment.


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