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iPad 3 and Mac OS X Lion

Updated on August 4, 2017

Top 3 Features that they may exchange

Its probably too early to talk about this, but Apple has already announced the Mac OS X Lion, and its pretty obvious that this would be followed by an update on the iPad as well. However, one can always speculate about what features are likely and feasible on both these platforms. Here's mine -

The MAC OS X Lion...

...would run iphone/ipad apps. Mac OS X core and iOS core are pretty much the same(which is why you can test iphone apps in Mac OS X). Opening up the iOS platform on the Mac OS X platform is a move that could potentially kill the PC market, since all the apps which so many users love on the iPhone and are already addicted to(and thats around 300,000 of them in total) would suddenly become PC software.

...will power a retina display. Rumour has it that the iPad 2 already has a retina display. If Apple can scale the retina display to the iPad then its apparent that they can scale it to the MacBook, and port the retina display handling portion of iOS onto the MacBook/Lion platform.

...would support GPS. This is a no-brainer. As location-services explode in the market, it would be quite convenient to have a good GPS chip in your macbook, wouldn't it?

The iPad 3...

...would support file sharing. The forums are definitely talking about this. Its quite painful to share documents between your iPad/Macbook. Even if you have MobileMe, the problem is that sometimes, its just not as convenient as just browsing the network and picking up a file.

...would sport an SSD drive. For sure. Thats one of the reasons that Apple has been trying out in the MacBook Air, in my opinion, so this one is obvious and may happen with iPad 2 itself, but you'd see more options coming up in iPad 3.

...would support some kind of a video-out. Every business user would need to showcase their documents on a big screen or a big spread(projector). Apple would be keen to add this capability to keep them happy. If you're not aware, CxO's love the device and have been mopping it up like chocolates.

That said, Apple is one of those companies whom you can never trust with surprises. They always seem to have one up over the users, which makes Mr. Steve Jobs always walk away in style leaving the audience dropping jaws. We'll have to wait and watch, but one thing's for sure...something very interesting is brewing inside the information blackhole that is Apple.

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    • profile image

      Bob 5 years ago

      No, it uses Flash Memory, not SSD (Solid State Drive)

    • profile image

      You are dumb 6 years ago

      iPad has always had SSD since iPad 1