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iPad Bags and Backpacks

Updated on August 2, 2013

Travel with the iPad

iPad and the iPhone ready for travel
iPad and the iPhone ready for travel | Source

Bag Styles

  • Traditional Backpack
  • Sling / Messenger Bag
  • Tablet Sized Bag

How to Carry an iPad

Make sure to protect this expensive device by using an iPad bag or backpack rather than simply carrying the tablet computer in your hands or in a traditional backpack. Regular bags and backpacks do not have the protective insulation that is important for carrying a lightweight touchscreen device. Regardless of style from a traditional backpack appearance to messenger bag sling bag style, or a more professional briefcase solution for transporting the Apple iPad, it is wise to make sure to use a case to keep it safe during transport. There are hundreds of options with different colors and styles to choose from and since the device is popular with both students and business professionals alike there is different solutions readily available with all sorts of colors and style to choose from.

Using a regular backpack, briefcase, or full size laptop computer bag is first much larger than necessary for this compact device. It also means that the iPad will not be secure and protected as you travel between home and wherever you may be going. The specially designed bags and backpacks will have an extra layer of protective insulation and compartments that fit all of the needed accessories such as a charger, stylus, ear buds, Bluetooth keyboard, and even a portable WiFi hot spot.

Protecting your device from accidents such as being dropped should be your primary concern when travelling with an iPad, the next item that should be top of mind is security.

Bags for Students

Many schools across the country are incorporating the use of an iPad into the curriculum or at a bare minimum allowing students to bring the device into the classroom. There are thousands of apps for students that are focused on improving performance at school. The tablet likely will not be the only source of class material that needs to be taken to class each day This forces students to consider using a larger sized bag or preferably a backpack that has the right compartment and protection needed for the pad.

Make sure that regardless of bag that is selected for going to school that a heavy duty case is used. The daily grind most students go through of transferring classrooms frequently and traversing the crowded hallways will mean that if the pad is not properly protected by a good case and secured in a backpack or bag that it will get damaged.

Student iPad Storage Requirements

  • Large enough bag for additional school supplies and books
  • Heavy protection and foam padding
  • Color and Style
  • Secure zippers
  • Internal storage compartments for accessories

Affordable brands for iPad backpacks include:

Case Logic
Mobile Edge

The backpacks made by Case Logic are designed for carrying both a full size laptop and have a compartment for the iPad to be secured and protected. This makes there bags a wise selection for parents seeking a solution for their child that may need to carry a tablet, but also likely works on a regular laptop for writing papers, doing class research and other work. The bags have a large area for packing regular notepaper, pens, other school supplies and books.

Lightweight Sling Bag

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Sling BagFits the pad perfectlyiPad and Keyboard in Sling BagSling Bag with Apple Device Inside
Sling Bag
Sling Bag | Source
Fits the pad perfectly
Fits the pad perfectly | Source
iPad and Keyboard in Sling Bag
iPad and Keyboard in Sling Bag | Source
Sling Bag with Apple Device Inside
Sling Bag with Apple Device Inside | Source

Backpacks for Travel

The iPad is the perfect device for traveling, especially with trips with the kids, the movies and games can make the drive go by quick for the young ones. From a business persons perspective, It is small, yet extremely powerful. If the kids are coming along for the trip then they can be distracted with Netflix movies and free games during the long and tiresome parts of travel. The pad is perfect for taking on the airplane and can be carried easily with just a simple sling style bag or compact backpack to allow for free hands for carrying other luggage and items that are more bulky.

Gone are the days when you must take the full size laptop with you on vacation because of the need to complete a couple of tasks during the couple of weeks you will be away from the office. Apple has you covered and there tablet will allow most users to get things done on the go, respond to critical emails, Skype chat with team members, and have access to important files through Dropbox.

There are a variety of styles to fit personal requirements that fit the basic requirements most travelers have in the right computer bag, lightweight, foam inserts, and ample room for extras.

Favorite Brand

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Briefcase for Working Professionals

Working professionals have been turning to the tablet computer more and more, but how to carry it from work to home and out and out on client visits is an important issue to address. Using a typical backpack or sling bag, is often not the professional style that a business executive demands and a traditional briefcase is not designed for carrying the compact device.

Most professionals will demand a little extra room than a tablet travel bag has in order to carry a Bluetooth keyboard, charger, and likely a WiFi portable device for increased bandwidth.

Popular brands for professionals:

Le Donne

Review of Anti Theft Backpack


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