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iPad Learning Apps - Origami

Updated on July 19, 2013

Learn to make Origami with an iPad

Using an iPad app to learn how to make origami is a fun craft activity that most kids will enjoy doing and the apps give you excellent step by step instructions with videos of all the steps to make simple animals to complex paper folded cranes. There is no reason to check out the paid apps if you are just looking for something to keep the children busy as there is countless ideas in the free apps alone, including some fun paper airplanes and ideas for folding a dollar bill. Have fun with these Origami learning apps and teach yourself this skill.

A collection of Paper Folding apps

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Origami App Walkthrough

Tons of Origami Apps

When I went to look up some apps for learning to do Origami to keep a child entertained for a few minutes I was surprised the number of free apps and they all seemed to be very similar. A couple of them have additional videos that you can view, but if you simply search for origami in the App store you will find many apps to choose from. The screenshots to the right are a good indication of the way the apps will look, they are prettyu straightforward, click the next button to see the next fold. Click the play button and watch the fold in action so that you make sure you are going in the right direction and with a little practice you will easily be turning out paper crafts like the examples.

A couple of additional paper craft apps that are great fun and might be an alternative for the kid that does not want to make a crane. Folding paper airplanes and sending them off for a flight is always a good time. The how to make paper airplanes app has many lessons for folding the best styles of paper aircraft. Another great app with the Dollar Origami app by Learn 2 Make the first few are free but several designs do require payment as an in app purchase. Dollar origami is a great option for a travelling as you may not have a piece of paper around, but you can give a child a few dollars to fold into things such as a fish, ring, and many more interesting objects all with US currency.

List of Paper Folding Apps

  1. Dollar Origami - free app, shows how to make things out of money.
  2. Origami V - free app, huge list of designs
  3. Kid Origami - free app, designed for children to enjoy
  4. 3D Origami - $1.99 includes a printout option
  5. Origami Course - $.99 Learn to make more than just a crane
  6. i-Origami - $.99 all kinds of animals included
  7. My Origami - free app many different projects to sample from

Origami Fun for Kids


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