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iPhone 3GS: 5 Cool Pink Cases

Updated on September 30, 2015

Owning an iPhone 3G offers such possibilities. Although they are beautiful all on their own, there are some really cool cases that add a personal touch. Consider those cases in Pink and you have hit the jackpot. They are colorful, unique and fun to show off.

Unusual Yet Functional Pink iPhone Cases

The DLO Jam Jacket case offers several uncommon features. The corners are rubberized. Have you ever dropped anything that did not land on the most vulnerable area? The sides are easy to grip so maybe the iPhone can escape being dropped in the first place. The DLO Jam Jacket is perfect for those that use headphones since it has a built in area to store them right on the backside.

If Bling is your thing then check out the Premium Luxurious Designer Diamond Chrystal Snap-on Case for iPhone 3G and 3GS. This is a hard case that wraps the iPhone with protective style while allowing for operation of all controls. This case is easy to snap-on and appears to mold to the shape of the iPhone. If you like luxury and shiny things this may be the perfect iPhone case.

The iHome iHM6P Portable Speaker Case is a fun way to enjoy an iPhone or other MP3 in an outside environment. The case actually contains speakers so headphones are not an issue. The clear plastic pocket on the front protects the iPhone or MP3 player from damp weather while still allowing for access to the controls. A shoulder strap adds an extra layer of convenience.

Ok ā€“ the Hot Pink Wild Nā€™ Crazy iPhone Case has to be the most unusual iPhone case. It is hard to describe but easy to recognize. Colorful stringy threads mixed with soft and fluffy chenille balls makes this case a bit eclectic. Hot pink, blue, turquoise, green, purple and yellow blends together to offer the most eyecatching protective iPhone case out there.

The SKque Pink Silicon Skin Case for the iPhone is a very inexpensive way to protect an iPhone from scratches. The armband style makes it a great way to carry your iPhone while outdoors. Whether you walk for exercise or attend events in the park the SKque Silicon case is a colorful and lightweight way to keep your iPhone handy.

Is Pink a Good Investment?

Pink is fun. Pink is supportive of Breast Cancer awareness. Pink gets noticed and often enhances fashionable clothing and accessories. Would I consider a pink iPhone case a good investment? Yes, in fact I have one. Mine is quite ordinary compared to the ones featured above but I really like it. Since each one is priced relatively low ā€“ the worry of buyer remorse should be low as well.

There are pink cases and gadgets galore!


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    • profile image

      Pink iPhone  7 years ago

      Pink has always been in! Pink for the win. And pink is always been a good investment.

    • drcrischasse profile image

      drcrischasse 8 years ago from NH/Foxboro

      Pink is in!