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Gadgets with Pink Power

Updated on July 8, 2014

Electronic gadgets – they no longer are just black, silver or white. Now the color pink has livened up the world of computing, music and digital cameras. The pink does not stop there. Bags that transport all of these pink gadgets can match as well.

What is it about the color pink? It is girly I suppose but I know many men that wear pink because the girls like it when they do. When it comes to buying pink gadgets is that only a girl thing or would the guys gladly buy them – for their girl of course.

Do you know anyone that would not love to receive such a pretty yet functional laptop as the one pictured below?


Gadgets: Pink Pink and More Pink Gadgets with a Girly Flair

It weighs less than two pounds so taking it along on outings or to school would be so simple. The hard drive holds a whooping 160GB hard drive so music and digital photos will find no boundaries. Online access is handled easily with WiFi from home, any hotspot or from a dorm room.

The 8.9 inch wide screen is easy on the eyes with its ChrystalBrite technology and the integrated web cam is perfect for chatting with friends or business associates. That’s right, this laptop is not only for kids – it works perfectly as a portable work station or as a second computer.

The Cannon Digital Camera and printer pictured here – originally bundled for Breast Cancer Awareness. A pink Cannon PowerShot Digital Elph and a pink Selphy CP760 Photo Printer would catch the heart of any gadget geek.

8.0 megapixels combined with enhanced face detection, motion detection (reduces blur), selectable shooting modes, a 2.5” PureColor LCD and red-eye correction makes this Cannon digital camera a sure hit. Then add in the pink photo printer and the fun is going to shoot up the scale. The ease of use is made possible by the print/share button found both on the camera and the printer. A simple cable connects the two and makes the need for a computer a thing of the past (as far as photos go anyway). Mac users don’t despair this time. Both Macs and PCs work great.

The next thing needed is a bag to carry a pretty new pink laptop and a cool new pink digital camera in. Why should the bag spoil the fun – it comes in pink as well.

Computer bags do not have to look like a computer bag – in fact it is better when it does not. Many simulate a purse or tote bag. Some have shoulder straps and some have top handles. There are bags called laptop sleeves that have no handles at all. Just slip them into another bag you might have and the computer is still protected.


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