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iPhone 3GS 49 Dollars

Updated on July 3, 2011

AT&T iPhone Deal

iPhone 3GS At AT&T

     The iPhone 3 GS at AT&T is now the best Iphone deal out there. AT&T recently announced that they will be offering the IPhone 3GS for 49 dollars. That's the best iPhone deal I have seen out there so far. Wall Mart previously offered a deal for the iPhone for 97 dollars but that for for an earlier model. This AT&T iPhone price is a good deal. It's not the latest and greatest iPhone 4 but it's one generation earlier than that for a price that a whole lot less. 

iPhone 3GS 8GB

     Just so you know this is the 8 GB model iPhone 3GS. It's the smallest amount of memory available on the iPhone but I personally have the 8GB version and haven't filled mine up yet. I suppose if you saved a lot of video or music to your phone you could do it relatively easy though. That is something to consider if you are considering purchasing this phone from AT&T.

iPhone 3GS

AT&T iPhone Price

AT&T iPhone Price

     Okay the iPhone price is easy it's 49 dollars for the 3GS which is a very good deal if you are sitting here with a non smart phone or you have a very old iPhone and would love to upgrade to some of the new features available on the 3GS. But there is also the matter of the two year contract with AT&T. As recently as last year AT&T changed their data plans.

AT&T Data Plans

     AT&T data plans, previously to about a year or so ago if you got an iPhone from AT&T you paid for data and it was unlimited. Yeah you could download as much as you wanted for however long you wanted it really was unlimited. Then they came out with these lower cap data plans. If you stay within the smaller data plan you could actually save money over the unlimited plan.

Data Plus Plan 

200 mb of data for fifteen dollars a month.

Data Pro Plan

2 GB of data for twenty five dollars a month. 

How Does This Affect You 

     If you have a smart phone that uses a data plan you can see on your bill how much data you use monthly and see which one to pick and possibly save some money. If you currently have the old unlimited plan and use more than 2 GB I don't think I would get the new phone but i've never used that much. So please take all this into consideration when thinking about this purchase as with any phone purchase it's more than just the forty nine dollar cost for the phone.


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    • JustMike profile image

      JustMike 6 years ago

      Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate the feedback. How do you like the android I've only played with one never long term though.

    • cronos22 profile image

      cronos22 6 years ago

      am thinking of getting an iphone but unfortunately im still tied down to an android phone till april. looking at the data plan, its okay considering im always online. nice post.