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iPhone 4G-The best Apple Product and iPhone around

Updated on July 27, 2011

iPhone 4G

The Best of iPhone 4G

The iphone has always Apples best creation. An ipod fused with the abilities of a phone is the most sophisticated piece of technology on this planet. The iPhone 4G is a portable computer-phone with the ability to call, surf the web, email, and even for the first time- video chat over a service call Facetime. Facetime is video calling app available for only Apple iPod touch 4G and iPhone 4G, also comes already downloaded when on version 4.2.1. Everyone and i mean everyone should own one of these quality pieces of technology. You can do practically everything on this. It takes out the use of owning a camera, webcam, credit cards(carrying them around since there's an app that uses camera functions to take pictures of the credit card and used to scan the iphones screen),ipod(any gen.), and any other phone. A computer is wanted for itunes(or copytrans) to add music and apps and to fix iphone in case of emergency. Any ways iPhone 4G is the best phone out there and I'm not going to tell you the bad since their isn't any. Plus, taking care of an iPhone requires pure responsibility and non-carelessness.

iPhone 4G-Facetime

Facetime is the calling of the future, to be able to look at someones face and talk to them without being in the same room. Apple has did it again and they're are going to get better. Facetime is also available on the iPod Touch 4G. In order to log onto Facetime you need to be on wifi connection, not 3G. The reason why is 3G can disrupt service and quality, while wifi is steady even if bars drop and besides there is no 3G support anyway.Unless, you jailbreak your iphone in which I will be showing you in my next hub.

Facetime was announces by CEO of Apple Steve Jobs at his keynote speech on June 7, 2010 at the WWDC. The Facetime name was purchased from Facetime Communications, who will changing their company name. Facetime is only available for Apple products and non-other.


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