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iPhone Battery Cases

Updated on September 1, 2014

No Battery

iPhone Running Out of Charge
iPhone Running Out of Charge | Source

Extend the Life of an iPhone

Have you ever run out of battery, with your iPhone? Do you need to talk, text, and surf the web the entire day without having access to an outlet? Then get a iPhone battery case and stop worrying about not having enough juice to get through the day.

By using, a specialized battery back up case, it is possible to significantly extend the length of time between each charge. This is perfect for business professionals that are constantly on the phone and away from the office and anyone else that may need to go many hours of phone use without being able to hook up to a power outlet.

There are a wide variety of options available depending on budget, look and feel, and total battery extension that is desired. The following battery case chargers are all high quality products developed by reputable companies that make premium cases and accessories for the iPhone and other smartphones.

There are countless tips and tricks, that people use to get more life out of a phone, and ways to use a phone in order to use less battery, but if you simply use a case or an external battery back up charger you will always get through the day. Turning off 3G, not using WiFi, or stopping the GPS function from working all will work at reducing the life of a battery. So will not watching video content or listening to music from the device, but so will not using it all, these solutions to longer phone use always seemed to miss the point, cause these are the things that make a quality smartphone wonderful.

iPhone Will Never Run Out of Power

These are the best rechargeable cases that will make sure your iPhone never runs out of power during the day. Each of these options is affordable, well designed, and stylish.

  1. Meridian iPhone 5 Rechargeable Extended Battery

  2. Mophie Juice Pack Plus Case & Rechargeable Battery

  3. uNu Power DX Plus External Protective Battery Case

Meridian iPhone 5

The Meridian iPhone 5 case, comes a few color options including: white, red, black, and grey. It has a durable rubberized outer shell to protect the device and the internal battery. This compact case will extend the life by an entire charge of the phone, giving you hours of additional use depending on the use. When plugging the device into the outlet USB charger it automatically charges both the case and the regular phone. There is an easy to read LED power indicator that displays the available juice left. The Product weighs in at 5.6 ounces.

uNu Power DX PLUS External Protective Battery Case

The uNu Power DX plus is designed for the 4S and 4 versions of the iPhone and comes in a black silver combination and also a white silver color. This product is an Apple Made for iPhone certified product and is reasonably priced for most consumers. Built with a lightweight shell that is durable yet soft, it only weighs a mere 3 ounces making this a great option for people that still want a slim and lean look for their iPhone. The battery back up provides up to an additional 10 hours of time using the phone feature of the device. Charge and sync the phone at the same time with the case still in place. A LED power gauge lights up when a button is pressed to display the amount of charge that remains.

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iPhone is Charging
iPhone is Charging | Source

Mophie Juice Pack Plus Case

The Mophie rechargeable case, comes in the largest array of color options including:black, magenta, orange, purple, yellow, and blue (cyan). Weighing 6.4 ounces the battery is located in a soft touch material with a 2 tone case. The Mophie design is made for the 4S and 4 iPhone's. It will increase the phone time of the device by 8 hours or 7 hours of web browsing on 3G and 11 hours on WiFi. It also allows the phone and the battery case to charge at the same time while on the charger or syncing with iTunes through a computer. It is easy to check the battery that is available through an easy to read LED light that displays the amount remaining. This case also helps to increase the sound of the phone with an acoustic sound enhancement feature redirecting sound from the bottom. Certified by Apple as a "Works with iPhone 4" product, there will be no issues with getting this case to work with your phone.

Budget and Style Case Choices

Due to the large number of companies that make iPhone battery cases like all Apple accessories, it will really boil down to budget and style that is preferred. The most basic essentials are available in all the solutions available. Pick a product that will not break the bank and that comes in a color that is desirable. Of course, some individuals will require a lightweight solution and others may want a more durable and rugged outer shell, so if that is you then select accordingly, however if the main goal is to get a recharging device to make the phone last longer than it currently does any of the options above will work, as well as any from the other companies that make products as well. Other popular companies include: Otterbox, i-Blason, ATC, BOOST, Incipio, Chromo, EC Technology, and EXOGEAR.

Best Selection for iPhone 4S


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    • kidscrafts profile image

      kidscrafts 5 years ago from Ottawa, Canada

      I don't own a iPhone but any rechargeable cases can be quite useful! My Blackberry was lifeless quite fast after 3 years! It was so annoying that I changed phone recently! I will keep that in mind for my new phone!

    • Anonymous00 profile image

      Anonymous00 5 years ago

      Nice review. Very useful cases.