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iPhone and iPad Accessories for Children

Updated on April 26, 2013
iPad Accessories: iGuy
iPad Accessories: iGuy

iPhone and iPad Accessories

There is no denying that children all over the world are taking to the iphone and ipad like fish to water. With the increasing number of children-friendly apps being developed daily, the ability to educate, entertain and stimulate children in a whole new way is here. Whether you believe a child should be using such devices, regularly or even on an ad-hoc basis is a purely personal decision. They are, however, dominating wish lists around the world and it is not surprising then that some incredible accessories have been developed to protect these very expensive toys. Whether it is your iphone or ipad that your child is 'borrowing' or their own (if they are super lucky), the need to guard them from the inevitable dirty sticky fingers or drop to the floor is critical.

This selection of products are not only fun, but provide the child-proof element that can protect our expensive toys from the child in all of us!

Whilst most are designed for the little kids in the children category, there are a couple of outstanding products just for the big kids! And if it is interactive games and accessories you are after, don't miss the report on the best of the best!

iPad Accessories

Before your child grabs your iPad to play the next level of their favourite spelling game, grab a Big Grips Frame.

Key Features:

  • Pink, Blue, Green or Grey
  • Non-toxic
  • Lead and Latex Free
  • Secure for your iPad and iPad 2

The non-toxic easy to grab frame is made a foam that is so soft and squishy yet strong enough to save your iPad from hitting the floor. The frame allows for greater grip which is all too important when little fingers are at the controls.

iPhone Accessories: Woogie
iPhone Accessories: Woogie

iPhone Accessories

The Woogie is a plush five-legged creature designed especially to protect your iPhone.

Boasting built-in speakers (headphones not included), it has a soft clear window to guard against inevitable dirty fingers and enough padding to protect from the inevitable drop. As the advertising states, this is 50% fuzzy friend, 50% protective and 100% fun.

iPad Accessories

Introducing the iPad iGuy.

The ultimate freestanding 'guy' to hold your iPad or iPad 2. Not only is he lightweight, but your kids can hold his hand or let him stand on his own two feet. Perfect for watching movies.

Key Features:

  • Strong sturdy foam, Colorful and adaptable. The iGuy's arms and legs can be folded underneath him to allow your iPad to be used on an angle

Don't let his look deceive you. The iGuy is strong and sturdy and will comfort your iPad in Blue, Green or Orange.

It could ultimately be the gift for that someone - the big kid in the family - who has everything (well at least an iPad anyway).

iPhone Accessories

Well when you think you have seen it all, next comes Snappy Stripes.

Lets children have an iphone that is not only protected, but unique so that it won't get mixed up with those of their friends. Snappy Stripes snap onto the shell of the iPhone. Mix and match any color combination that best suits. Your sporting team colors maybe?

Each case comes with 32 stripes so you could create a new look every day.

iPad Accessories

Have you ever travelled with children in the car? Well of course you have, and on long trips this can be a gruelling time. Well not anymore thanks to the Snugg iPad headrest mount.

It safely and securely mounts your iPad to the back headrest of your car seat with fully adjustable straps. Perfect for watching movies and can easily be removed and moved from car to car. And when not in 'movie mode' the black leather case is strong and sturdy enough for little hands to hold and use as normal.

Multi functional and a clever safety option for car trips.

Fisher Price iPhone Accessories
Fisher Price iPhone Accessories

iPhone Accessories

We must never forget the littlest members of our families who most likely will learn more functions on our iPhones than we know, and faster too.

Let our babies enjoy and learn from the wonderful array of apps on the market, whilst ensuring our iPhones are 100% safe from drool, food and being thrown around.

Key Features:

  • Easy to hold textured handles - perfect baby size
  • Protects buttons from being pressed resulting in a call to grandma.

And when there is no iPhone available, your baby can still enjoy looking at itself in the mirror and making music with the jingly beads.

** As a Bonus ** you can download FREE Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn learning apps fromiTunes stores including Let’s Count Animals™ and Where’s Puppy’s Nose?

For the Big Kids

Never fear big kids, this one is for you. It is the Appfinity - AppBlaster.

Turn your iPhone into a 'play' shooting game experience.

This toy allows you to lock your iPhone into place, and with dual triggers, simulate a virtual gaming experience. I bet once the big kid in your family plays this they won't want to put it down.

This is when your iPhone becomes the ultimate toy with three different apps: Alien Attack, Whacky Hunter and First Person Shooter.

Warning! Addictive!

iPhone Accessories: Quadricopter
iPhone Accessories: Quadricopter

iPhone Accessories

Give it wings and it will fly

With this ground-breaking device, that is exactly what can happen. The AR.Drone remote-control quadricopter is the first of its kind controlled by your iPhone (iPod and iPad included).

With an onboard front-view camera, live video feed and sensors, this is the ultimate big kids toy. It even comes with a FREE app that you can download from the iTunes store.

Ke Features:

  • 12 minutes flying time with a full battery (90 minutes to recharge)
  • Carbon tube structure with interchangeable hulls for indoor and outdoor use
  • 93 degree-wide camera
  • 64 degree diagonal lens
  • 6 m range
  • Embedded computer

And so much more!

Know a LEGO Enthusiast?

If you have an iPhone, an iPod Touch or iPad in your home and live with a LEGO enthusiast, time to introduce them to the Life Of George! Don't miss this one!

Next time you are out shopping for a plain old case for your iPhone or iPad, consider buying something just that little bit different; particularly if the kids in the family are going to grab hold of it. You can always get the typical cartoon themed cases, glitzy cases and 'I look like a cassette tape from the 1980's' case, but not everyone has an iGuy or a Woogie!

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    • profile image

      Danilo 3 years ago

      Hi again Dayna,I spent some time yesterday at the Apple store Genius Bar to see how to make the iPad work beettr for V. They were awesome! My daughter has good dexterity, but drags her fingers and was frustrated because she'd lose the page before she could find the area she wanted to hit plus a few other things. The Genius changed some settings resolving those issues, I can't wait to see if this makes it more usable for her. I decided that it would be a good idea to go in regularly and address frustrations V has, the iPad has so much functionality built in and it's so quick for the experts to find solutions to specific problems. This is a free service. Maybe there are some setting changes that can be made to help your son use the iPad easier?

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 6 years ago from United States

      I had no idea there were so many unique I phones for children. Useful hub for parents or grandparents.