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iPhone dust plugs

Updated on April 1, 2013

You've probably never heard of dust plugs for mobile phones. Well, neither had I. And most people you know had probable never heard of them either.

But the cool little accessories actually serve a useful function - they stop dust and dirt getting inside the earphone jack on smartphones such as the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy range. Now, the dangers of that happening might seem remote. After all, few people will have seen their new phone break because small bits of dust have slipped inside the ear plug jack.

But when you consider all of the places that we take our phones, it seems pretty normal to protect the earplug jack. Phones are often put into dirty dusty pockets, left on cars, dinner tables, gardens, work benches... and that's not forgetting all of the sticky dirty fingers that they come into contact with - especially with children.

The earphone jack, which on most phones measures 3.5mm wide, is the only way that dirt and dust can get inside the modern smartphone. It's a bit like the orifices on a person's body, such as the mouth and nostrils. If we constantly walked around with our mouth open we'd get a whole lot of stuff in their such as dirt and flies. It's the same with mobile phones.

A Hello Kitty dust plug protects the earphone jack on an iPhone. Functional, but also fashionable
A Hello Kitty dust plug protects the earphone jack on an iPhone. Functional, but also fashionable | Source

So if you're convinced that mobile phone dust plugs and anti-dust protectors actually serve a useful function and are not just a frivolous fashion accessory (hey, who cares if they are?) then carry on reading to see some of the best that are available.

But before we go on, remember that having an iPhone is all about personalizing it. We download our favorite apps, we add our favorite music and we protect and stylize the iPhone with our favorite case or cover. Adding accessories to the phone helps to show off our personality. This is especially important for teenagers, who are fashion and socially conscious.

So this is another great function of the dust plugs and dust caps. They add extra personal style to the smartphone.

So what different iPhone and mobile phone dust plugs are available?

Well, it will come as no surprises that Hello Kitty dust plugs are some of the most popular currently being sold on eBay. They come in so many different shapes and styles that it would be virtually impossible to describe here.

So instead check out the current selection of iPhone and smartphone dust plugs that are listed on eBay.

As you can see, there are hundreds of different types of mobile phone dust plugs available. They come in various styles and designs. The Hello Kitty dust plugs are popular, as are the shiny colored love hearts. But if you want something more functional and less flashy then a simple plain white design could be the one for you.

The dust plugs are relatively inexpensive and should not cost any more than $3.99.

So have a look around and find a cool new dust plug for your mobile phone.


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