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iPhone is conquering the world

Updated on November 7, 2010

The iPhone iHATE

When I heard about the iPhone coming out in 2007, I thought wow. Why good is it? I thought a touch screen cellphone would be a bit weird because we are all use to the keypad cellphones. But when I saw it, it look cool. It really looked fancy with the way it was built. The device looked great and it fitted well into your palms and its user free. However, I never did like. Until today, it has not caught my eyes. I have developed a hate towards the iPhone because everyone has it. Everyone loves it and everyone has to have one because its that good.

Its 2010 and there are already four types of iPhones that have been developed. With iPhone 5 coming out within next year, everyone will be in line at the Apple store waiting to get their iPhone 5. iPhone fans might as well start getting ready now and reverse their place in line for the new 5th iPhone. You got to give credit to Steve Jobs and his Apple company for competing in the cellphone world. Apple has always been about computers and the Macintosh programs. They were always competing with other computer companies and they seem to be last in the techno world race. Once Apple started launching the first iPhones thats when Apple's name started kick off around the world.

The iPhone is a cellphone that can function as a camera phone, use to text messaging, voice mails, media player, web browsing equipped with wifi connectivity, Internet browser, and emails. It is a touch screen which includes a virtual keyboard and also includes GPS, games, social networking, watch films or an advertisement for a television shows, you see the stock market, you see where your going. The iPhone is like a mini computer or laptop on the palm of your hand. With just one click and your there. This what makes people happy. This is why customers buy an iPhone because the iPhone has everything in one device. Its not one colorful phone, and yet people seem to be attracted to its abilities.

A smartphone because it can do smarter things than any other phones out there. You do not have to be a business person to have one, anybody can have one because its an iPhone. I bet the everyone that works in the government has one. I bet anyone that reads this has got one. Due to the iPhone, top cellphone companies like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, and LG are working 100 times in order to develop a better working phone than the iPhone. But every time these companies do come up with one better device, Steve Jobs and Apple is always 100 steps front. Their technology is always better than other phones even though companies like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and LG are always competing with each other. No worries for Steve Jobs because now Apple has conquered the cellphone world.

However, that does not impress me. I still believe that the iPhone is no better than other touch screen phones out there. Since its like a computer, anyone that has one would think its a computer they would protect like a computer always caring like a computer and always updating like a computer does. Who needs computers if you have an iPhone? I need one because I DO NOT have an iPhone. I want my cellphone to have a camera, a media player, a games, make calls or video calls and wifi connectivity thats all. Why spend a lot of money on a cellphone in why your computer already have or your laptop? What if it breaks? It does take a lot of money to fix it I'm sure because its Apple technology.

In the end, no matter how much I crap about the iPhone, everyone around me has it. They are probably using it right now. They are probably playing games online, or checking out their facebook, or making calls on skype or even watching the movies the iPhone is one of the things people would love to have in their hands. My friends have it and their friends, and their friends friends, and their friends friends friends friends friends have it and also my cousin's, aunt, uncles, mom and dad have one. They're all using an iPhone except me. I'm different the iPhone is not for me. Although, it is one of the greatest phones that I have seen, but I do not own one. I'm totally against the iPhone. I'm more of a Nokia guy because their phones are simple to use and faster. Great the iPhone 5 is coming out next year and I heard it's even better because its not only a smartphone or a computer it will also be a WALLET! I do not care. But iPhone fans are just sweating and turned on for waiting for the iPhone 5 to come out. Way to go Steve Jobs way to go. 


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    • profile image

      iPhone Application 7 years ago

      Nice and interesting Hub

    • xiaoyu profile image

      xiaoyu 7 years ago

      If one day you feel like crying,

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      But I can cry with you.

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      Don’t be afraid to call me.

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      But I can run with you.

    • Brainstechnology profile image

      Brainstechnology 7 years ago from London