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iPhone Killers: HTC Touch vs Sony Ericsson W960

Updated on October 6, 2010

Since the iPhone was first announced, other companies have been working to get products out there that can compete with the new phone. There are plenty of them out there with all kinds of different features, but there are only two phones that are being realistically looked at as possible "iPhone Killers". No, it's not too likely that that the iPhone will get knocked off the market by either the HTC Touch or the Sony Ericsson W960 but these two products can certainly give the iPhone a run for its money. Let's take a closer look at what each of these babies has to offer.

Sony Ericsson W960

Sony Ericsson 960

The basic information that you need to know about the Sony Ericsson 960:

  • 1. 8 GB of on board memory
  • 2. 2.6" 262k color, QVGA resolution touch screen display
  • 3. Holds approximately 700 albums of music, identified using Sony's Track IDfeature
  • 4. Wireless capabilities using Bluetooth and A2DP stereo headset
  • 5. 3G
  • 6. MMS capability
  • 7. Available on multiple networks and without a specific contract
  • 8. Uses a standard keyboard

How does this compare to the iPhone? Features 1-4 are all features that are similar to those offered by the iPhone. Features 5-8 are all specific to the Sony Ericsson 960 and are not options for the iPhone at the current time. So, if you're looking for a phone that's got 3G and MMS capability, don't want to be limited to the AT&T network and prefer the use of a standard keyboard, you might think that the Sony Ericsson 960 makes for a great iPhone Killer.

BUT ... you should also know that the Sony Ericsson 960 is currently only available in Europe so if you're living in the United States, all of this information is a little bit irrelevant to you.

HTC Touch

HTC Touch

The basic information that you need to know about the HTC Touch:

  1. 64 megs of RAM and 128 megs of flash ROM
  2. Touch screen display with QVGA resolution
  3. WiFi and Bluetooth Capabilities
  4. Triband network with some roaming options

This phone has the basic capabilities of the iPhone but lacks some of the better features like the iTunes music options (while it can hold music, it doesn't have the identifying track features of the other phones). Therefore, it doesn't seem to really hold water as an "iPhone Killer".

Additionally, this phone is also better suited to Europe than America, since it works off of the triband networks with differ from the standard networks here in the United States.

In Summary

At this point in time, as far as people in the United States go, the iPhone is probably the best option out there for this kind of product. But that doesn't mean that there aren't iPhone killers on the rise. As Sony Ericsson 960 and HTC Touch are tested out in the markets in Europe, it may be found that one or both can do well over here also. And as other companies look to create a phone that compete with the iPhone, we may find that the iPhone's popularity goes down. After all, it's a phone that's not without its problems. The difficulty of battery replacement, the fact that it can only be used on one network and its lack of a keyboard are all issues that make room for iPhone Killers to improve upon the iPhone.


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  • CheapMobilePhones profile image


    8 years ago from UK

    I will say that HTC is a Good Competitor for Apple iPhone. Because HTC have excellent and creative design.

  • profile image 

    11 years ago

    Quite a few errors in the post. The author needs to check the picture and the specs for both phones. Particularly as this supposed to be a comparison with the iPhone.

  • profile image


    11 years ago

    Wrong picture for W960. That's the W950.


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