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iPhone - I Have No Regrets,BUT-Top 10 DisLikes

Updated on April 5, 2008

iPhone Top 10 Dislikes

Ok, Ok my previous blog said I did not regret my new 8 gig iPhone... and I do not, but I do have to mention a few things that you should know before purchasing this phone. I still love the iPhone, but here is what you should know:

1) Germs!! - Everyone you know will want to touch and play with your new iPhone. This can lead to a icky screen which could very well have germs on it. There are solutions to this, but it still presents a problem.

2) Even 8 gig Won't Last - A few years from now, we will laugh at 8 gigs on a phone, trust me.

3) No Personal Ring Tones? - I have to admit, Apple's preloaded ringtones are great, but I would love to have the option to create my own.

4) Expensive! - You have to beg, borrow, and steal just to own this phone. The 4gig will run you $499 / 8gig $599.

5) Google Phone? - Yes, there is a chance the Google Phone will blow away the iPhone in a few weeks through price and options. Not a big chance though.

6) Dirty Screen - It is very easy to get the screen dirty, even if only you are using it. Don't loose the cleaning clothe that comes with the phone.

7) Touch Alpha Typing - Due to the simple fact that our alphabet has so many letters and the iPhone screen can only be so big.. the touch screen keys sometime are sticky. In addition, it is pretty hard to type effectively with one hand, unless you have long point thumbs.

8) NO GAMES! - Ok, Apple missed the boat on this one. Everyone needs mindless games on their cell phone. There are no games and I am not even sure if there will be an option to add games. :*(

9) Not All Mp4's Play - This maybe a simple solution that I am not aware of, but I was not able to transfer many of my videos and movies that are in .mp4 format from my Sony PSP.

10) No Standard HeadPhone Input - This will not bother to many people, because the cool white iPod headphones come with the iPhone, but for others this is a huge flaw. For standard headphone, like the Noise Canceling Bose Head Phone, you will have to purchase an adapter. A few companies that are making them are Shure and Griffin.

A few more quarks worth mentioning like no removable memory card, no removable SIM card, the charger parts can be easily lost, and the camera lens is easy to get dirty and hard to clean effectivly.

There it is, my two cents on the shortfalls of the iPhone from my point of view. None of the mentioned are deal breakers, but for sure areas of improvement.

**Please check out my iPhone Top 10+ Likes.

* Also, please feel free to leave comments / advice / or disagreements (they are all more than welcome)

AS ALWAYS, thank you so much for reading!! :)

**Correction - I mentioned above previously that is was hard to manage the 'Stock Option' by saying the iPhone does not allow you to change their standard stocks. I was horribly wrong. It is extremely easy to change the options, by simply clicking the 'i' at the bottom ov the screen.


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    • MaxReviews profile image

      MaxReviews 9 years ago from Torrance, CA

      I hear you on the germs thing. Actually with the surface being so smooth and gets greasy so easily once on your face, it probably picks up even more germs than you care to know.

      Speaking of the Google phone...I can't wait to see what it can do.

    • profile image

      satya_cv 9 years ago

      gud one

    • LdsNana-AskMormon profile image

      Kathryn Skaggs 9 years ago from Southern California

      Hi texeyes -

      My girlfriend just got an iphone recently. I held out and bought mine when the price dropped a few months ago... refurb for only $300 8G.

      My friend is not a weirdo like me, when it comes to 'toys'. I love them...

      After about a week of her having her new iphone (which her husband bought her for xmas by the way) I just happened to say, "how do you like your iphone?"

      Now my friend is a gentle woman, a classic beauty, fairly refined... she looked me right in the eye and said "I worship this phone"! LOL

      I will never get over that comment... which came as we were talking about covers for the iphone. That comment about 'worshipping" her iphone was near blasphemous.... and then I realized, that me too - I LOVE THIS PHONE!

      LOL Dang it! It is just a flippin phone. But like she also said... "it has changed my life" Yeah... instead of taking my PowerBook with me, I can now just grab one itsy bitsy piece of technology and have it all... at least for a short trip.

      fun hub.



    • texeyes profile image

      texeyes 9 years ago from Austin

      Absolutely! The price drop with additional gigs is a great benefit Apple is giving to their new iPhone purchasers. Unfortunately, this is still a dislike to poor early adopters when the article was first created. Even so, I am thrilled with the changes Apple has brought to the cell phone market and am glad for every penny I originally spent on the phone and am excited about the next generation iPhone! Thanks for the comment :)

    • mathan1234 profile image

      mathan1234 9 years ago from Oklahoma City, OK

      Funny how things change so fast. When you wrote this article, the 4 gb model was $499 and the 8 gb was $599. Now, less than a year later, the 8 gb is $399 and the 16 gb is $499!

    • texeyes profile image

      texeyes 9 years ago from Austin

      Paul, I agree. I have missed a few calls due to low ring volume. However, there are some rings that appear louder than others at the highest volume setting.

    • Paul Edmondson profile image

      Paul Edmondson 10 years ago from Burlingame, CA

      I don't think the iphone rings loud enough. Often times I get calls, but don't hear it. The other big drawback is the lack of activesync. For heavy email/calendar users it creates a bunch of headaches.

    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 10 years ago from San Francisco

      Interesting list. I have to say I'm impressed with the iPhone, but I'm waiting for the GPhone (Google Phone) too, esp since it's supposed to have GPS, 3G, and rumored to be cheaper.