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iPod Nano Shoots Video

Updated on May 13, 2014
iPod + Nike
iPod + Nike

The world's most popular portable music player, iPod Nano, can now shoot high-quality video with its built-in video camera and microphone that captures clean audio for playback on the built-in speaker. iPod Nano also comes with a larger 2.2 inch color display.

iPod Nano
iPod Nano

iPod Nano's built-video camera can capture up to 1.5Mbps on a 640x480 pixels at 30 frames per second with AAC audio. There are also 15 real-time special effects that allows you to personalize your video depending on the mood.

Just like the iPod Shuffle (3rd generation), iPod Nano can now talk! The VoiceOver feature allows iPod Nano to speak the names of the song, artist, or playlist before it play the song. Now you can navigate without looking at your screen.

The new FM Radio + Live Pause allows you to listen to the radio and see the names of the songs and artists. You can also pause if you want to take a quick break. Fast-forward or even rewind up to 15-minutes is another great feature of this cool music player. If you hear a song playing on the radio, just use the Click Wheel to tag the song so when you get to iTunes you will not forget the name of the song you heard.

If you love to run or go to the gym, iPod Nano now works with Nike to help you track your fitness progress with Nike+ shoes and the Nike + iPod Sports Kit. The sensor that comes with the kit sends data to your iPod Nano which allows you to monitor the time, distance, pace, and calorie burned with real-time voice feedback.

iPod Nano with Video Camera (All photos from
iPod Nano with Video Camera (All photos from


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    • harrisdy profile image

      hdy 8 years ago from Texas

      Hi GoldiString,

      Thanks for stopping by. There are many portable voice or audio recording device available today. They no longer use tape... instead you have the option to choose between SD card or other media cards.


    • GoldiString profile image

      GoldiString 8 years ago

      Howdi Harris.. what's the best gadget for audio recording?