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iTatch your Cell Phone or Tablet

Updated on July 9, 2014

Some gadgets solve problems before you know you have a problem. Take cell phone and tablet cases for example. Most of them are designed to protect against damage to Touchscreens and scratches elsewhere. Most of the time this is what we want and expect them to do. Then there are those times when we just want convenience above all else. The iTatch is all about convenience. It is used to tether your cell phone, eReader or iPad (or other tablet) to a lanyard – but why would I need to tether my electronic device to a lanyard?

I can think of several reasons.

Think about how handy it would be to have an extra hand to prevent your cell phone from unexpectedly tumbling to the ground.  Imagine that you are at a Trade Show and you need to temporarily have both hands free. Leaving your iPad or Android Tablet unattended for even a few seconds could be disastrous – so if you could hang it around your neck by simply attaching it to the iTatch your problem is solved. Have you ever set something on your lap and forgot it was there as you stood up? In the case of an eReader – does reading make you sleepy? Once you doze off your arm ends up hanging over the edge of the bed, couch or chair with your eReader dangling from your fingertips. Again, the iTatch can save your electronic device when you can’t.

The iTatch has a simple design that uses industrial strength components. It is nice that most of us are already familiar with how the iTatch works. Although the iTatch’s suction cups have a patent pending suction cup design – they work just like other suction cups that we have on our refrigerators, mirrors and windows. As long as you have a non-porous surface somewhere on the device such as an LCD, Touchscreen or a smooth backside, the iTatch holds tight and will not turn loose until you want it to. While at CES I witnessed iPhones and iPads being swung around (at what I considered an unbelievable rate) held only by an iTatch. Simply place the (right sized) iTatch suction cup on your device, press down at the center of the suction cup to remove the air trapped underneath, and your cell phone, tablet, or eReader will be ready to use at a moment’s notice.


Cell phones are obviously smaller than an eReader, iPad or other electronic tablet so there are two iTatches – one sized for each type of device. Regardless of the size of the suction cup each iTatch shares the same design. A wide lanyard strap attaches to the suction cup via a large clip that hooks through a metal ring at the top of the suction cup. Slip the lanyard around your neck and wear your device much like you would a work or security badge. I believe that caution should be practiced while your device is secured to the iTatch but it is a unique and very handy way to keep your device at your fingertips. The price is reasonable enough to try out for yourself.



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