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iTouch How It Differs From The iPhone

Updated on May 12, 2013


iTouch How It Differs from the iPhone?

Do you remember the collective gasp from all of those that paid up to $599.00 for the highly anticipated Apple iPhone when the price suddenly dropped to $399.00? Even though price cuts are common for tech gadgets that have been on the market for a short period of time, I think that Apple users are less used to this phenomenon than most. In this case, the iTouch caught them by surprise.

I for one, wonder why anyone would want the iTouch instead of the iPhone? (But, I have a 60GB Ipod and it is all I can do not to buy the iTouch too) I suppose that many people bought the iPhone for the uniquely gorgeous touchscreen interface, the cool features that the Safari browsers provides, the iTunes and the large internal memory not found on other more ordinary cell phones. OK, except for the cell phone part - these features are also on the iTouch.

Those features persuaded a lot of people to pay early termination fees to switch to a service that they felt less than ecstatic about. That in itself shows that the iPhone had a huge appeal factor to those that were looking for something totally different than what was currently available.

After all, is there anyone left that does not own at least one version of the iPod? Would a new iPod design have sufficed? If those same people knew that the iTouch was on the way with so many of the same features would they have waited? Will iPod lovers flock to the iTouch? Probably.

Or, was it the other way around? Are cell phone users tired of being tired of the same old looks and functionality of cell phone in the past?

Let's take a quick peek at the similarities and the difference of the iPhone and the iTouch.

  • The iTouch looks and feels almost exactly the same as the iPhone. Other than the thickness (iTouch is thinner) the differences are hard to distinguish. The iTouch looses a bit of appeal since it does not have the glitzy boarder around the touchscreen. (That reminds me of my 60GB iPod only much cooler) The iPhone has three external buttons and the iTouch has two.
  • The most obvious difference is that the iPhone makes and receives calls and the iTouch does not. Even though the iPhone is not 3G it still functions as a cell phone. Anyone needing to access email, Google Maps and YouTube would still choose the iPhone. Then with all that you also have a device that could replace your digital camera and iPod.
  • They both use the same browser - Safari.
  • Both play music and videos so not much difference there. The unfortunate similarity is that the iPhone's 8GB and the iTouch's 16GB are still pretty short on storage for a multimedia device. Neither one have expansion possibilities. The iTouch does not have external speakers and the iPhone does.

The iPhone has caused ripples in the cell phone industry that have not been seen yet. The technologies included in that device will surely be picked up and duplicated in some way by other manufacturers. We can hope so anyway!


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    • profile image

      miong 7 years ago

      interesting. will go for iphone first.

    • profile image

      notasheep 7 years ago

      Yes there are people who do not own any version of the ipod. THey are the people smart enough to look at cheaper alternatives to the overpriced ipod family. my 4gb sansa was a quarter of the price of ipod and it has an FM tuner and doesn't use that lame codec on the music. I've had it for years and only now is ipod finally adding tuners and eliminating the codec. only sheep buy ipods

    • Joyce_the_VA profile image

      Joyce_the_VA 8 years ago from Michigan

      I already have an iphone but I'm also looking to buy an itouch. Thanks for the info Debbie! :)

    • stourt1 profile image

      stourt1 9 years ago from New Market, MD U.S.A

      I'm thinking of getting the itouch

    • profile image

      ink 9 years ago

      Looks like this hub could be an earner ... nice one! :)