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Apple iPhone 5 leaked photos-amazing

Updated on June 2, 2012

All of us are waiting for i Phone 5 from apple which is expected by the last quarter of 2012. Considering the fact that Samsung has released Galaxy S3 with some new features like smart Stay, S-Beam etc, everybody is waiting for some new surprise from apple. There are lots of leaked photos and details about i Phone 5 in internet. There is a Chinese site claiming that they got some leaked details of i Phone 5. According to them the phone screen will be of 4 inch and of full width without any side frame in the front as shown below.

Rumours about iPhone 5

1. It is expected to come with some advanced version of apple's A5 processor which you can find in present apple products. Even though it is double in size compared to Nvidia 'Tegra 2' processor, both are equally good in performance especially in HD videos playback. Processor will be of quad core most probably. But graphics card will be surely quad core like i Pad 3. In case of resolution Apple products are always one step ahead of other devices. As Galaxy 3 has 1280x720 HD resolutions, it is almost sure that i Phone 5 will be having full HD (1080p) resolution.

2. Advanced version of voice controlled digital assistant Siri is expected in i Phone 5. You can evoke applications and enter text by speaking. Apple bought an artificial intelligence company called siri long back and released it as a digital assistant in i Phone 4S, which was a trend setter. Their main development area was apple i Phone assistant which can translate your voice into text. This acquisition indicates that apple is trying to extend functionality of i Phone by including voice operated mobile assistant.

3. Finger print detection for locking and unlocking the phone. Also provides more security

4. Near field communication technology. It can be used as a personal identification mechanism. Apple is working on it. It can be used for payments

5. More built in memory. Now the current maximum is 32GB. It is expected to become 64GB in i Phone 5. But apple is not going to allow SD card support, as they are against it :(.

6. More customization options are expected in home screen considering the flexibility of main competitor Android.

7. Flash support is something that i Phone lovers are asking over a long time but apple is still not in a mood to allow this in i Phones. Also considering the comment from apple officials, they are considering flash as a less secured technology giving rise to lot of vulnerabilities. Also apple is along with the new movement of using HTML 5 and CSS3 to produce same effects that flash can produce.

8. Cloud operations are already present in i Phones with the release of i Cloud in i Phone 4S. We still need i tunes to setup your contacts in gmail or facebook. But in android cloud computing features are better. It is expected that apple will provide more cloud operations in i Phone 5

9. Apple has improved its camera in i Phone 4S to 8MP which is good in current smart phones. But by the release of i Phone 4S market standard will be minimum 8MP. There is a rumor that Sony is developing a 12MP camera for i Phone 5. Even though apple i Phone cameras are less in MP, they are always superb in their internal image processing algorithm. That is why their 5MP camera is far better than 8MP camera of other phones. Already 1080p HD video recording is possible in i Phone 4S. We still need to see what is in apple's reserve in case of camera.

10. Battery life will be more in next version. In all generations apple shows a consistent improvement of nearly 40 % in battery capacity that can be expected in fifth generation also. Considering the battery draining bugs in initial versions i Phone 4S operating system iOS5, Apple will concentrate more on providing excellent battery.

11. i Phone 5 will be running on some new version of i OS 5 and it will be compatible with 4G networks.

12. Always Apple devices are examples of exceptional designs. Surely in i Phone 5 also you can expect something. Most spreading assumption is that it will be ultra thin with larger screen.

13. You can expect laser keyboard which can be used for typing in plane surfaces. Sample you can see in the video below.

14. Another one assumption is that i Phone 5 may have a holographic display. But chance for that is really less, considering the limitations in current technological advancements in this field. But you cannot predict anything about Apple.

15. There is a chance that i Phone 5 will contain a micro HDMI port which is there in most of the competing android phones. Even though everybody is asking support for expandable memory support apple may not allow this as it is against their design pattern

Expected i Phone 5 compared with i Phone 4
Expected i Phone 5 compared with i Phone 4


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    • vinner profile image

      vinner 5 years ago from India

      Everybody is worried about the price of iPhone 5. In between that there was a news that the price of new i Phone will be $800, which is far higher than expected price. In that case apple is surely going to loose some frequent purchasers.

    • vinner profile image

      vinner 6 years ago from India

      According to an application developer apple iphone 5 will be a dual mode global phone. Dual mode means it will support both gsm and cdma. This news came out through techcrunch wesite

      i Phone 5 is expected to come in this october. Also there are some additional glad news for i phone lovers. New i Phone will not be carrier locked. So you can move from countries to countries without barriers