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New Leica DISTO DXT - Tough Enough For You?

Updated on April 30, 2010

The Leica DISTO™ DXT - Accuratelty measuring distances under extreme conditions at the press of a button.


A lot of manufacturers speak regarding robustness, only few go to the kinds of lengths as Leica Geosystems: The Leica DISTO DXT is the only laser distance meter which is protected against jet water, entirely sealed against dust (IP65 Certified) and dropped from a distance off the ground up to 2m to demonstrate its robustness.

With it's sealed and flat keypad, the device can be easily cleaned by holding it under running water. On the inside, it is strengthened with a special fibreglass-reinforced plastic bracing. Thick rubber housing on the outside protects the module against possible damage in case it is dropped. These types of features make the Leica DISTO™ DXT the ideal measuring instrument for regular use on construction sites.

DISTO DXT Front View
DISTO DXT Front View

An additional key feature is the proven multi-functional end piece with automatic position detection. Irrespective of whether measuring is carried out with the end piece in or not, the correct distance is automatically detected and displayed, preventing costly measuring errors.

The Leica DISTO™ DXT has a number of additional useful functions, such as continuous measuring with display of minimum and maximum, as well as fast area and volume calculators with additional information for wall and floor area or perimeter. Keys for subtraction and addition, as well as a Pythagoras function for indirect measuring are all there too. A memory for the previous ten measurements completes the functionality of the unit, allowing you to take several measurements ahead of entering them into your plan.

The Disto DXT has a measurement range of 0.05 to 70m with a typical accuracy of +/- 1.5mm.


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