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Things I hate About Self-Important Apple Fans

Updated on March 19, 2014

Oh man... the age old Mac Vs. PC argument is back. Where do you stand? I personally don't see everyone's infatuation with Apple these days, and like it or not, I'm going to tell you why. Yeah, this is a bit of a rant. Hang onto your seats.


First off...

What is my first reason? Price! Why does a Mac cost over twice the price of a machine with identical hardware? Is it just because it has an Apple logo on it and runs OSX? I can buy a regular PC and install OSX if I wanted to, effectively saving me thousands. And before you come at me saying you can't, go do some research, I've personally done it.

For instance, the iPhone 4 - Apple makes almost 50% profit from every sale of the phone - nearly $269 per phone! Competitor RIM (Blackberry) is barely touching the $83 mark, to put it in perspective. All the while, everyone is more than happy paying the extra for the iPhone, because after all - it IS an amazing phone, right? Oh wait – It’s NOT the only smartphone!?

Google's Android operating system is putting up a strong fight. With generally lower prices and more selections available, they’re actually outselling the iPhone.

So why do all the kids still want the iPhone? It’s all the hype of the day - because there's an Apple logo present. Here’s a fun fact: Androids can do everything an iPhone can, and even a few things they can't - like modify your phone without voiding any kind of warranty or violating any terms of service. Android is released as an open-source program, meaning do almost anything you want.

Funny thing about the iPhone, from what I've read the only thing "Apple" about it is the iOS (software operating system) and the Apple logo on the front. The chips and camera inside, I've read, are created by Samsung and Sony – NOT Apple.

Mac's version of Window's Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)
Mac's version of Window's Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) | Source

Then what?

The next thing I hate - Self-Righteous Mac loyalists who will never admit a Mac is just another computer. "Macs can't get viruses!" Oh really? Click here for an outside article by PCworld, explaining the growth of Mac viruses. While getting a virus on a Mac-based computer isn't as common as contracting a virus on a Windows-based computer, it IS still possible, and the threat is growing every day as more and more malicious software is developed. Viruses didn't exist for Mac for the longest time for one reason - nobody used them for personal reasons - there was nothing to gain from spreading Mac viruses. But today as the user base grows, so will the threat of malware.

Another thing I hate about the common Mac user: They always have to show you how important they are because they were dumb enough to spend the extra money for the Mac logo on their laptop – and they always stress how much better their computer is because it "never crashes." Macs will crash too, just spend 1 minute with our friend and you will see such. Granted, there aren't as many crashed Macs out there as there are Windows machines, this probably stems from the fact there are so many millions more Windows-run machines out there, therefore putting them into the hands of so many millions more who are not-so-qualified to use computer, to put it softly. I take care of my computer, and run virus and malware scans regularly - I've never had a virus run amok on my computer, and I've never had my machine crash on me. If you treat your Windows machine right, It will be just as reliable as a Mac, if not more so.

Game developers don't care.

You know what I love about my Windows computer? I can play a wide selection of video games. Go ahead, go search the list of games for your Mac and you'll find a list of games with the newest title being nearly 2 years old and pretty far out-dated.

Most developers don't keep Macs in mind while creating software, Macs are a minority in the computing world, the same reason there aren’t many viruses.

This is what happens when you drop an iPod touch - from waist (Carrying) height
This is what happens when you drop an iPod touch - from waist (Carrying) height | Source


Why are Apple products so fragile? Why is it, that there are so many more broken iPhones, iPads, etc than any other device? I've worked in the Wireless Industry for 5 years now, every day I see another iCrap device come walking in with the glass just in shambles - and the customer saying "I don't know what happened!"

Apple loves their profit, and if you so much as put a scratch on your item, your warranty (that you paid an extra arm and leg for) is now void. This is why I'm so commonly referring customers to the Apple store to let the Apple employee explain this - if you didn't buy the Apple Care insurance, then you're boned.

To be honest this is true with any device whether its Apple or not, but at least with the other devices there IS still something I do to try to help you; whereas with Apple, you're screwed, now you have to pay Apple 150 bucks to replace your screen.

My point is, I just hate the hipster Apple lovers with their holier than thou attitudes. I've even heard many say "You're just mad because you cant afford one!" Hah, I've owned many Apple products, and still went back to other companies. Why pay more for less? I could keep going, but I'm getting tired of writing for tonight.

So, leave me some comments and let me know what YOU think.


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    • tehgyb profile image

      Don Colfax 5 years ago from Easton, Pennsylvania

      First smartphone was made by IBM, it was called the Simon. Since then Blackberry and Nokia had many smartphones in their lineups before Apple came along. Yes I will agree they introduced some new elements and popularized it, through their aggressive marketing.

      The mouse was actually an idea Jobs took from Douglas Englebart.

      The GUI? Again a stolen idea from Xerox (The same place he saw the mouse initially.)

      So please sir, enlighten me more on Apple's incredible R&D and crazily inventive history?

    • profile image

      Steve Jobs 5 years ago

      The reason apple costs so much more is due to one factor you forgot: Development.

      Who do you think comes up with ideas like the smart-phone? Apple do; you can't just say they are limited to the smart-phone after all they were the ones that invented the mouse (well gui). These ideas cost money and resources to develop, pc just simply copies them and saves millions, ultimately translating to a cheaper price. When you buy a mac you do not pay for the apple logo, you pay for originality and hard working, well deserving people. When you purchase a pc you pay for the lawyers to exploit apple's expertise.

    • natures47friend profile image

      natures47friend 6 years ago from Sunny Art Deco Napier, New Zealand.

      Great hub! I got a mac last year, mainly for my daughter to do arty things. Am using it at the mo as the pc has software clash issues.The only games she plays are mainly Facebook

    • tehgyb profile image

      Don Colfax 6 years ago from Easton, Pennsylvania

      @MFGwrite Absolutely right my friend. Windows machines are usually viewed as a more business-like environment. But many of the artistic programs will run just as well on a windows as they would a mac. Personally I produce and DJ off a windows 7 laptop and it does me just fine =) I've used macs back in highschool and vo-tech for general studies, web design and even graphic arts, and I won't lie, they are pretty good for artistic things - but I've never run into anything on a mac I couldn't do on a windows machine.

    • MFGwrite profile image

      MFGwrite 6 years ago from USA

      @Ming on Mongo is exactly right, PC's are for more business and things not so creative, while Mac's are a standard for artsy and creative applications.


    • profile image

      Ming on Mongo 6 years ago

      Ironically I came across this particular "opinion piece" while looking for some info. re: Asperger's, which actually fits all the arguments for PC's (cheaper, more "stuff", etc.) vs not "getting" the appeal of a Mac (whether you want one or not). Similarly Aspie's don't "get" abstraction or creative concepts, because they're very literal, more "linear" and often obsess over details and "lists" (BTW, Bill Gates is generally thought to be an Aspie). While Macs notoriously appeal more to "creative" types (artists, writers, filmmakers, etc.). Different computers for different ways of thinking!

    • profile image

      YEA!! Go Mac! 6 years ago

      Old argument..blah blah.. lol.

    • Xnewxskinx profile image

      Xnewxskinx 6 years ago from Michigan

      "We would even say that today, the Windows operating system is more secure than Mac, simply because Microsoft has been working proactively on security for many years," he added.

    • Xnewxskinx profile image

      Xnewxskinx 6 years ago from Michigan

      I hate apple. I thought I wanted an Ipod touch, but then I got a Droid X and realized I can get all the apps the Ipod has plus I get to keep my zune! Hell yes! So I am glad I didn't get one! Besides Itunes is a beotch and their songs cost to much anywhere from .99-2.99 per song no matter how old! Where I pay .80 per new/old song. I have a $15 subscription for unlimited music (as long as the sub is good) plus 10 free songs a month to keep. Way worth it. So yeah apple can suck it. Hard... Vote up.