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Missing Myspace

Updated on September 16, 2013
Jeannieinabottle profile image

Jeannie has been writing for HubPages for over 5 years. She covers a wide variety of topics—anything from hamsters to office work.

The Good Old Days

Do you remember the good old days of Myspace?  I know we are going way back in time.  So let's go back... way back to five or six years ago.  Myspace was so new and so wonderful. Let's take a walk down memory lane.

I joined at the beginning of 2005. I was feeling kind of down in the dumps and my friend Chris recommended I join Myspace. He said, "We can be friends!" My response was, "But we're already friends." To which he said, "Nooo... Myspace friends. It's different.  I can friend you."  I just didn't get it.  But I was about to get it.

He was right. This was my first taste of social networking. I joined because Chris always knew what was going to be the next big trend. As usual, he was right. I had no idea how to use Myspace for at least a month. I was confused over comments vs. messages and that type of thing. At that time, I only knew one person using it, so I had no idea what was going on. Once I did learn how the whole system worked, it was wonderful!


The Myspace Community

In 2005, the Myspace community was pretty small. If you were on Myspace on a regular basis, you actually got to meet people online. There wasn't much choice. Not too many people were using it, so you needed to branch out. People used to join groups and discover new bands. Random people would send you messages. Some people were really awesome. Some people were really creepy. It was an online adventure.  Every now and then, I would walk down the street and see someone I recognized... from Myspace!  I would describe that experience as awesome, yet disturbing.

Over time, more people joined and my once small community started to get bigger. The camaraderie started to end, but there were new features, so maybe I ignored the sense of community beginning to dwindle. After all, instead of learning a bunch of HTML code (which I did!) to spice up your profile, you could download a nice layout. You could even keep more than just 8 photos on your profile! You could add a music player or videos. Soon, there were just so many great options.


Facebook, What's That?

All of a sudden, everyone had a Myspace page.  My aunt's cat even had his own Myspace page.  Everyone was cluttering each other's pages with crazy glitter graphics.  It was getting out of hand.  I was so happy to share a community I loved with others, yet my happy little community no longer existed.

Around this time, another friend of mine said she was on Facebook.  I remember saying, "Facebook, that is a stupid name.  It will never catch on like Myspace."  Yes, my friends, I am not so talented at predicting trends.  I was wrong.

I Can Still Dream, Can't I?

Now here I sit at my computer remembering the good times. I miss my old Myspace. I miss seeing Tom as my first friend. I miss the wacky messages from people. I miss taking stupid quizzes and posting them.  I miss using the perfect glitter graphic as a comment instead of actually having to think of something clever to say.

I still have an account. I refuse to let it go. I insist it will make a comeback. I don't get it. Don't people want awesome music players? Don't people want to put videos on their profile? Don't people want pretty profiles? I want all these things and I can have them on Myspace. Sure, the occasional pervert approaches you. Just laugh it off and block him. It's the internet. Every minute that pervert is on his computer annoying you is just another minute he is not out on the streets annoying crowds of people.

So to anyone who used to be on Myspace and deleted their account, and to anyone who never tried it because of the reputation, give Myspace a try for me.


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  • Jeannieinabottle profile image

    Jeannie InABottle 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

    Thank you for reading and for the comment.

  • Sun-Girl profile image

    Sun-Girl 6 years ago from Nigeria

    Great and wonderful write up you shared in here.

  • Jeannieinabottle profile image

    Jeannie InABottle 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

    Thank you both for commenting. Yes, I agree 2006 was a good year for Myspace. I am starting to wonder if Hubpages might be the next big thing. Although I guess not enough people like to write. Hmmm.

  • Stigma31 profile image

    Stigma31 6 years ago from Kingston, ON

    Hmmm, what will be next is my question?

  • PaulGoodman67 profile image

    Paul Goodman 6 years ago from Florida USA

    YES! There was a golden age around 2006! I actually met my wife on MySpace and travelled all the way from the UK to Florida to marry her! (there's a link to my blog about it on my profile!) Nice nostalgia hub! :-)