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Nokia C6 mobile phone review - Nokia C6 accessories

Updated on March 3, 2017


Looking from distance it seems like a black N97 but closely it`s possible to see the differences.

The C6 creeps trying to run the Symbian operating system that is increasingly overtaken by Android and by the IOS.

Open the box

It`s time to open the box and see what Nokia offers. Besides the terminal we have the mobile phone charger, headphones and a 2 GB card memory already included.

The Nokia C6 has a small but resistive 3.2 inch screen and a full keyboard.


Allied to the low reactivity of the operating system itself, there are times when we touch the screen and we can`t be sure the instruction was correctly perceived by the C6 and is being processed or if simply we have to reload for something to happen.


There is no stylus provided but it isn`t required anyway. The tactile screen and the full QWERTY keyboard are more than sufficient.

Beside the keyboard that is hidden beneath the screen, the C6 have six dedicated hard buttons and a switch to quickly lock or unlock the terminal. The usual red and green buttons with the middle button for the menus can be found in the bottom of the screen.

On one side there is the volume control and a button to "open" the camera. On the other side, there`s a slot for the memory card.

The 5 MP sensor does not produce the best pictures ever seen on a smartphone but nevertheless a good camera for less demanding users who occasionally take some pictures.

Technical Characteristics

  • Operating system: Symbian, S60 5.0;
  • Frequency range: Quadband;
  • Speed: HSDPA;
  • Screen: resistive, 3.2";
  • Storage: 200 MB + 16GB microSD;
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, micro USB;
  • A-GPS;
  • Camera: 5MP;
  • Dimension: 113.4x56x16,8 mm;
  • Weight: 150g;
  • Autonomy: 5h talking/400h standby.

Screen and Sound

The home screen can have widgets and is customizable. However, we can only have a panel with key shortcuts the competition already has several panels for some time.

I`m not sure if that`s intended to compensate for the low sensitivity of the screen or not but you can switch between widgets using the physical keys.

The speaker works fine and the sound is well projected inside a room. It`s impossible to say the same about the earphones provided as they never performed well.

If you want to use C6 as a portable music player and fill the 2 GB memory card with music then it is advisable to invest in some good headphones.

During a phone call, both the microphone and voice quality are average with no parasitic noise to disturb communication. In the end the Nokia C6 provides a crystal clear sound.

NOKIA C6 Evaluation Chart

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    • profile image

      Razz 6 years ago

      I already buy it . Horrah

    • profile image

      m1inty 6 years ago

      cool.I am also interested in buying it.