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The Nokia X2-01 Is A Blackberry Imitator, For Less Money

Updated on July 7, 2015

Do you really need a smartphone? Think again.

The Nokia X2-01 is for those who do not need a smartphone. It is mainly a phone used for entertainment and communication purposes.

Not everyone needs to know where their friends are every other second, right?

Get a closer look at the Nokia X2-01, which is all set to release by the end of the year here, in this quick article.

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Nokia X2-01 - Not For The Smartphone User!

The Nokia X2-01 is not for the smartphone power user, it is created for those who like to stay in contact. There is the small screen to deal with, but otherwise, the price (€80) says it all. The good news is that the Nokia X2-01 is designed for entertainment and texting. The multi touch may not be here, but the large keyboard is. The keyboard is the QWERTY style and overall has an attractive look to it. The D-Pad is placed between the display and the keyboard to accent the over-and-under "Blackberry look". The keyboard is full QWERTY style, not the twelve-button pad.

The Nokia X2-01 Display Screen

The display on the Nokia X2-01 is a mere 2.4 inches in size. If you wear glasses, they may be needed when reading text on this feature phone. There is a browser included, so cruising the internet with this handset will be hard on sites not created just for a small screen. It is created with LCD technology, not the newer ( and brighter ) AMOLED style. Resolution is set at 240 by 320 pixels, for average clarity.

Nokia X2-01 Focuses on Entertainment!

The Nokia X2-01 is an "X" series phone and so is focused on entertainment. This model is focused on the musical aspect of entertainment. The headphone jack is one of the first things a person will be using on the X2-01. The memory in this feature phone will allow for 55 megabytes of internal storage and eight gigabytes of added storage. The external storage is by way of a MicroSD card. The X2-01 can handle a card up to eight gigabytes in size. The card can be removed and replaced without turning the phone off. A stereo FM radio is featured for news or entertainment from local radio stations. In some areas this handset will come with Ovi Music.

Nokia X2-01 Camera Quality

The camera for the Nokia X2-01 is rated at VGA resolution. That is less than one megapixel ( 0.3 megapixels ) of power. It does come with digital zoom for video and the ability to shoot those videos at 15 frames per second.

Softwares Used by Nokia X2-01

S40 is the software running the Nokia X2-01. This is a Nokia software, but not related to S60 symbian. It is not a symbian operating system. The Ovi Store supports the S40 but getting the applications to the handset should prove to be difficult with the slow data connections. Nokia maps are included with S40 to prevent the user from getting lost.

Nokia X2-01 Battery Life

The battery on the Nokia X2-01 gives four and a half hours of talk time. That is well under normal, but this is a handset that only costs €80 euros. Nokia knows how to add color to their phones and this one comes in silver, lilac, red, azure and deep gray. It will be available by the end of the year.

Buy The Nokia X2-01 From Amazon For An Amazing Sale!

Nokia X2-01 Unlocked GSM Phone-U.S. Version with Warranty (Red)
Nokia X2-01 Unlocked GSM Phone-U.S. Version with Warranty (Red)

Some of the features of the Nokia X2-01 include a QWERTY keyboard and a music player other than the additonal features which are already explained on this page. It has around 4 and a half hours of talk time and has up to 502 hours of standby time. This model was released in February 2011 and is available in Black and Red colors. Get the phone from the link above and be eligible for a 14% discount offer.


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    • profile image

      axel 5 years ago

      I've had a Milestone I & II, then a Galaxy S, now all broken or lost, and being tired of paying so high prices... this was a VERY modest option, but you can really get used to it... 80% of the time wasn't really using the smartphones at their most, so I'm happy now with my X2... and with the $ difference...

    • profile image

      Mr. Thomas 6 years ago

      Very good phone. Excellent battery life. I'm amazed. I use

      it for work and personal use and do not have to charge it

      every day. Texting works great and it does have internet

      capabilities, but this is not a 3g phone. It comes with Opera mini browser. You can check on weather and news, etc.

      For the money via Amazon, a great deal. I use the $50 AT&T prepaid "Gophone" plan which offers unlimited calls, text, and data.

    • profile image

      Ameer bux 6 years ago

      It is wonderful

    • profile image

      Amal Ramachadran 6 years ago

      Good for internet

    • profile image

      Dash 6 years ago

      Great phone! Been using it since around August and its great. Excellent musical feature,great display and good battery life(afterall its not a smartphone what do we need 10 hours of battery time for????) good browser and a good quality lens. Ultimately i'd go for this phone anytime of the day as long as am going for a Java phone.

    • profile image

      ghauri 6 years ago

      i am gonna bought this phone

    • profile image

      mohammed 6 years ago

      excellent fone

    • profile image

      MM 6 years ago


    • profile image

      SURAJIT MONDAL 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Eesti 6 years ago

      It is an excellent option because the features it offers, the price-quality-properties is very good, for a person who requires a good phone backed by one of the best companies like Nokia it is best that you can find at this point.

    • profile image

      dave 7 years ago

      Just got this phone, after having 3 different blackberries. I have to say..... I love it. Great response time, good battery life. Buy this phone! it's only 80 dollars, a blackberry that's not even nearly as good costs at least three times as much!