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Notebook Cooling

Updated on January 16, 2011

Notebook Cooling

Efficient Notebook Cooling with a Notebook Cooler.
Efficient Notebook Cooling with a Notebook Cooler.

Introduction to Notebook Cooling

Notebook Cooling is an essential ingredient to any notebook purchase in today's world. Notebooks are growing more and more powerful, with faster and faster components, which of course, are getting hotter and hotter.

Despite the increasing power of notebooks, there have been next to no improvements with notebook cooling, especially when to comes to popular brand laptops such as Dell and HP.  Because of this notebooks such as these can fail in less than a year due to inadequate notebook cooling.

If you notice a hot base, slowed performance, and increasing errors or even hard drive failures, then chances are inefficient notebook cooling is the cause of your problems, and is something which can easily be fixed simply by the use of a Notebook Cooler.

Notebook Cooling Solutions

While you can use techniques such as using cans of compressed air to keep your notebook cooling optimal and dust free, it is rarely enough to prevent your notebook from overheating. Using a notebook cooler can provide notebook cooling and prevent data loss which would otherwise occur.

A notebook cooler usually provides heat dispersion as well as an increased amount of airflow, helping to ensure your notebook cooling is at it's most effective.

Quiet Notebook Cooling

In many environments you will want quiet notebook cooling, after all many of us don't like the loud noise of fans. However even in the office our laptops can become under increasing temperature problems.  A simple notebook cooler can provide effective and silent notebook cooling to help protect your laptop and more importantly, prevent data loss from overheating notebook components.

Choosing a quiet notebook cooling solution such as a Zalman notebook cooler will provide significant notebook cooling without creating a huge amount of noise.

Zalman notebook coolers are quiet and reliable. While Zalman are the best noetbook cooling providers ont eh market, they do also charge quite a lot.

Powerful Notebook Cooling

Where Zalman provide some of the quietest notebook cooling you can find, NZXT provide the most powerful notebook cooling you can find. Powerful notebook cooling is pretty much a requirement for anyone who uses their notebook for gaming.  If you do play games on a notebook you have probably noticed incredibly loud fan noise, drastic overheating, and rapidly decreasing performance during the game.

A powerful notebook cooler can help prevent these problems instantaneously by rprovided an increased airflow to enhance your notebook cooling capability.

NZXT are a fairly new company, however their powerful notebook cooling pads are an amazingly great way to cool down even the hottest of gaming notebooks. The Notebook cooling power provided by NZXT is second to no one!!

Conclusion on Notebook Cooling

While buying a notebook cooling pad is not the first ting that comes to mind when you buy a new laptop, it will probably not take you long to notice certain areas of your notebook becoming excessively hot.  Unfortunately this is normal, end it is evenmore unfortunate that without a notebook cooler providing better notebook cooling, you will undoubtedly suffer from some kind of hardware failure within two years. 

A little bit of notebook cooling can go a long way to protect your overheating notebook.  Keeping your data, your hardware, and your sanity intact!


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    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 

      8 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      My daughter's laptop has a cooling pad. We know for a fact how hot the computer can get.


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