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Buy Notebook Cooler

Updated on September 28, 2010

Notebook Cooler

Notebook Cooler
Notebook Cooler

Notebook Cooler Introduction

Most people have not heard about the notebook cooler wave which has grown over the last decade. As more and more notebooks come with components so powerful that they are melted by their own heat, while the problem is exacerbated by the poorly ventilated insides of a notebook. Overheating in notebooks can lead to problems with your notebook's performance, as well as component failure, if notebook overheating is not remedied immediately.

It's not hard to tell whether or not you need a notebook cooler, if the underside of your notebook is more than lukewarm, you need a notebook cooler.

Remember that notebooks are insulated by plastic, so if your notebook temperature is too hot to touch, you definitely need a notebook cooler.

A notebook cooler is a cheap and reliable solution to notebook cooling, and with a varying number of types and styles, you will always be able to find a notebook cooler which suits you, and does the laptop cooling job which you need it to do.

Types of Notebook Cooler

There are several types of notebook cooler, and plenty of laptop cooler brands to choose from. Choosing the right notebook cooler brand and notebook cooler style to suit your needs is always important, after all a notebook cooler has to be powerful enough to cool your notebook, quiet enough to not annoy you, and light enough to be portable enough for your needs.

Of course the power of your notebook cooler, the noise from your notebook cooler and the portability of your notebook cooler are all needs which will change from person to person. Some people may need a simple, quiet and portable business notebook cooler, others might need a powerful gaming notebook cooler.

Whatever your notebook cooler needs, you are bound to be able to find a notebook cooling solution which is perfect for your notebook.

Silent Notebook Cooler & Quiet Notebook Cooler

There are plenty of silent notebook coolers and quiet notebook coolers out there which are fantastic notebook cooling solutions which provide high quality notebook cooling which makes little to no noise. 

A silent notebook cooler will generally have no fans, and will instead work on passive cooling and heat distribution.  The XPad or one of the other fanless network coolers on teh market, and provides superior fanless cooling, as well as providing a comfortable surface allowing you to place your laptop on your lap!

A quiet notebook cooler will usually be inaudiable, but since they use fans, they will still make  a little noise.  Quiet notebook coolers such as those from Zalman provide some great notebook cooling for your notebook, and the high quality of a Zalman notebook cooler will give you great cooling, reliable performance and with next to no noise!

Business Notebook Cooler

Sometimes all you really want is a business notebook cooler which looks stylish, works efficiently, and doesn't make much noise. While a business notebook cooler is note essential for most business notebooks. I have to admit that the Zalman notebook coolers that I showed you in my quiet notebook cooler section are all really good options for a business notebook cooler.

The Antech Notebook Cooler Business is also my favorite Antech notebook cooler. It looks good, sounds quiet, and provides great business notebook cooling with style!

Powerful Notebook Cooler

There are plenty of the best notebook coolers out there which will still come up a littel short when used with a gaming notebook. Gaming notebook coolers are usually pretty noisy, however these powerful notebook coolers will chill even the most stressed, high end laptops. The NZXT notebook coolers are a great example of well made powerful notebook coolers.

Needless to say powerful notebook coolers are often more noisy than the quiet notebook coolers, but they are also much more efficient. Powerful notebook coolers are not just for gaming notebooks, but also notebooks used by those who use powerful applications, such as AutoCAD or 3D model rendering apps. For those who use notebooks for these kind of applications, notebook coolers are pretty much essential to prevent notebook overheating!


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    • thisisoli profile image

      thisisoli 7 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!)

      ThermaPak makes for a good notebook cooler, but only for a couple of hours. i found that after the first hour it's cooling power began to wane rapidly on high end laptops. This is because the crystals inside can only store a set amount of heat, so it is not really for people who need a notebook cooler for more than one hour or so!

    • profile image

      stacy 7 years ago

      Thermapak has a really nice fanless cooler called the HeatShift. works wonders on my macbook and it's pretty affordable too. I also have the xpad but it's pretty simple piece of plastic but it does work.

    • profile image

      getmyback 7 years ago

      Oli this is cooler than cool - just bought one from your Amazon ad - thank you

      Also, no I had not heard anything about these, despite their purpose it's still like another computer toy - 2 days shipping I'll have it by Thursday! How cool will I be?


    • thisisoli profile image

      thisisoli 7 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!)

      @ Ann - I have about another 30 notebook cooler articles to write on Hubpages alone, so you will not be lacking for notebook cooler information!

      @Andy - Exactly right, Zalman are in my opinion some of the best notebook coolers ever made!

      @Lecie - Yeah she definately needs to get a notebook cooler, gaming laptops get extremely hot, and can eeven be a fire hazard, those things will burn the skin off your fingers sometimes!

      Even if she does not want to spend the money you can still get cheap notebook coolers which will at least help to disperse the heat.

      From personal experience I can safely say that my notebook cooler has dramatically reduced in game graphical lag which was cased by my laptop overheating, if she ever complains about that you can tell her that a notebook cooler will significantly improve game performance in high end laptops!

    • profile image

      Lecie 7 years ago

      my roomate has a lap top that she only uses for gaming. but she's gaming all of the time. most times she leaves her laptop running even while she's on break. i have told her many times that her laptop is getting too hot and she's risking melting it. thank you for writing this hub it gives me another piece of evidence to show her. maybe now she will take my advice and buy one of the cooling systems. hope you're enjoying texas.

    • Ign Andy profile image

      Ign Andy 7 years ago from Green Home Office

      I think notebook cooler is a must, most notebook have problem in air circulation. It will significantly decrease processor and memory heat, at the end of the day will maintain notebook performance.

      Zalman or Antec is a good choice both well know for their cooling products.

    • Ann Nonymous profile image

      Ann Nonymous 7 years ago from Virginia

      I have been reading a lot of these reviews and yet still I have yet to get one and I really need one! Thanks for the good hub that served as a reminder, Oli!