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A Quick Breakdown of Programming Languages

Updated on January 23, 2013

Computer Programming for Beginners!

Computer programming is a hobby that I picked up a long time ago. While I did not have many people holding my hand through it, I was still able to learn a lot of things about computer programming. In fact, I have even made several webs and work for a web design company! I decided to write this because I want to tell you guys that it is indeed possible to learn computer programming. When I went into my first interview for my first ever job, my employer's first question was: "So are you a computer science major?" I responded by saying: "I have never even taken a computer science class before in my life!" Here's Mardin's law, computer science classes are not needed in order for you to become a good programmer! I am making a salary and I have never even taken a computer science class! Although I am relatively successful (at least I like to think I am ;) ), I wish I would have had someone there to lead me through my adventure through the wonders of computer science. This guide will help you beginners with your journey through the wonderful world of computer science! In addition, a great place to learn about computer science for FREE is Here you can learn anything you want, including all the languages I will be talking about in this lens!


Languages - Languages are how computer programs are written. There is no perfect language. In fact, there are more bad languages than good ones. Languages in computer science are just like how they are in real life. Most good computer programming languages have the same features and capabilities, however, they are written differently. Here is a contemporary example. In Spanish, if you would like to say the crazy chicken, you would say "el pollo loco." When you translate that into English directly, you will realize the sentence is the chicken crazy. Both Spanish and English are saying the same fact. However, they are saying it in a different format. Now for a programming example, in Python, if I want the phrase Hello World to appear on the screen, I would write Print "Hello World." However, in C++, I would take a completely different approach since I would have to write it like this: cout << "hello world" << endl;. Each programming language is strong for its specific reason.

Trouble Picking a Language?

Like I stated in the paragraph above, I said that there is no perfect language and each language is good for specific applications. Well, here I will tell you what language to start learning depending upon what you want to do.


HTML is great if you want to learn how to make simple websites that just show information. These websites do not include facebook twitter youtube google or anything of that sort. Most websites in HTML will be simple websites with just plain text. HTML combined with CSS can make cool websites. CSS stands for cascade style sheet. On cascade style sheets, you can make your website look pretty. Again, you cannot make websites like facebook, youtube, twitter, or google. However, you can design the way they will look! Here is a simple website that I made with CSS and HTML


Python is a great language that is extremely powerful. Python is not used like HTML and CSS. Instead, you can create computer programs such as calculators and much more. My first ever python program was designed to find out what grade you need on your final exam in order to keep a specific grade in a class. Web pages can be made with Python. They are dynamic web pages and have a lot of functionality. Python is a great language to begin learning before all others.


PHP is probably the most useful language to learn. PHP is strictly web based and server side programming. PHP is used to write websites like Facebook, YouTube, and almost any company's website. For example, PHP allows for the construction of robust contact forms to be made. is a good example of the power that PHP has. PHP is a great tool to learn because almost ever business needs a website and basic HTML and CSS won't get you very far.


C++ is a great language that is used heavily to make software and large scale applications. C++ is one of the best programming languages ever because of it's versatility. It is similar to C. However, it has a lot of added features. C++ is also a great way to make GUI (graphical user interfaces) programs. Microsoft word and other programs were made C++.


Java is perhaps the most powerful language that was made by Sun Microsystems. Java has many applications to it. Java can be used to make your own internet browser, instant messaging, and much more. Java can also be used to make web applications. Data structures also rely on Java. Java is HUGE and will continue to be huge for a long time. Java is a complex language and is hard to learn and master. However, this is where the big bucks are. Android development with applications for Android Apps rely solely on Java. Java is a dynamic language and is extremely powerful.

Questions? Comments?

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    • rawwwwwws lm profile image

      rawwwwwws lm 5 years ago

      WOW! I am shocked I actually found a Programming for beginners lens! Well, I am majoring in Computer Engineering, leaning more toward Software. I know, I do not look like I love computers, but I do! Thanks for a great lens!

    • profile image

      Actor 5 years ago

      I agree with you. I am not into computer field but now learning slowly PHP and Newboston courses are awesome.

    • chadwik05 profile image

      chadwik05 5 years ago

      I loved working with Python in college. Nice lens!

    • DaShoeMan profile image

      DaShoeMan 5 years ago

      @kanzelm3: Do you want me to teach you how to write PHP code in this lens? I can certainly make it. Or, are you looking for what PHP can do and what you can make with PHP? I will be willing to make a lens on both if you would like me to.

    • profile image

      kanzelm3 5 years ago

      Neat lens, are you a pretty experienced programmer? I have dabbled in it a little bit, but I don't really have any real-world applications to work on. It would be cool if you did a more in-depth guide on PHP, that's a powerful language.

    • Kumar P S profile image

      Kumar P S 5 years ago

      Nice lens ! Useful and informative.