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reset a pc bios password with batteries

Updated on June 27, 2012
reset your bios password remove the cmos battery
reset your bios password remove the cmos battery

Reset Your PC Bios Password

If your PC Bios is asking for a password to enter the main bios screen then your bios has been setup with a password. Have you forgot your bios password?

You can easily reset the bios password, although you will need to get your hands dirty.

With your PC turned off, use a screw driver take the case of the PC.

Move the cables that are attached to the motherboard out of the way and have a look for a large battery on the motherboard. This is the CMOS battery, and holds the charge to your bios when your PC is turned off.

Remove the battery, and leave the PC for 10 Minutes. This will ensure there is no electrical signal travelling to your bios, and this will mean that the memory settings for the bios are now reset.

Place the CMOS battery back in its position, and replace the PC case.

When you log back into the main bios screen the password request will be gone.

You can use this method on any PC, and also it will work on older laptops, however you will need to spend a greater amount of time to gain access to the cmos battery in a laptop as there is alot of parts to unscrew, and its very tightly made.

Newer laptops have greater security and removing the cmos battery to reset the bios password will not work in this way. 


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