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How to Root a Samsung Intercept - Questions - Answers - Links

Updated on April 5, 2011

The topic of rooting the Virgin Mobile or Sprint Samsung Intercept Android phone has been on the back burner for me here at The Samsung Intercept Herd because as we all know after doing any amount of research on the topic that there are many risks associated with rooting a phone.

I've decided after some recent success at using the TEMPORARY ROOT function on the newest version of Z4Root that I would share what I do know to those seeking a root solution for their Samsung Intercept.

Originally, Z4Root did not work for me in their first published version (which appeared on the Android Market for a brief period of time before being pulled) because the TEMPORARY ROOT option kept restarting my phone right after "rooting", which invalidated the whole process because it resets after rebooting your phone. The current version, however, does not have this problem.

I have successfully downloaded, installed, and granted SUPERUSER privileged to apps like Titanium Backup and Cache Mate. The TEMPORARY ROOT solution is excellent for cleaning and backing up your phone. I also successfully uninstalled some Virgin Mobile apps just to see if I could do it, and on reboot, they did not reappear.

This hub will continue to add information and updates to Z4Root versions and info as it becomes available. I highly encourage users to share their experiences and to suggest apps that require root that are worth using and/or purchasing.

Please continue to check back on a regular basis to stay current on any additions to this page.

Brief How-To for Temporary Root with Z4Root

  1. Install z4root ----- You will have to enable installing from Unknown Sources in your phone settings. If you do not know where this is, when you try to install it the first time, the phone will prompt you and send you to the settings page.
  2. Once installed, you must set your phone to DEBUGGING mode in by going to SETTINGS---->APPLICATIONS--->DEVELOPMENT. 
  3. Now open Z4Root on your Samsung Intercept, and you will choose Temporary Root. Let the phone run through the process; it may take a few minutes. 
  4. Once the process is finished, your Samsung Intercept will be rooted until its next reboot. 
  5. Download some apps that require root access and try it out ---- a good one to start with is Titanium Backup to make an awesome backup of your phone. 
  6. When you load an app that requires root access, you will be prompted on running it to grant it Superuser privileges.  

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Additional Notes

  • Z4Root requires a significant amount of space after using it a few times- upwards of 25mb. You may want to install, use, and uninstall when not in use to limit the drain on your phone's space.
  • Not all apps that require root access will work with a temporary root, such as all of the tethering apps I tried.


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