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How to Use Scripts in Rpgmaker XP VX ACE

Updated on August 31, 2017

This page will teach you how to easily put scripts into your RM game projects, and create your own. You can also find tutorials, scripting resources (programming help), and links to communities to visit if you run into any problems. I'll be linking to it from all the ones I release - so please leave a comment at the bottom if it isn't helpful enough.

Here's a couple short quizzes you can take to test your Rpgmaker script knowledge. You can skip ahead as well if you're not in a mood for those.

Scripting Quiz

Easy and Hard.

Three questions each.


Follow the instructions! Most scripts for the Rpgmaker programs are inserted in the same way - but not all of them. The following is what's usually expected if there aren't any instructions.

That big 1 to the right, below the number 2, is where you'll likely be told to install your script. Left click in that area, then right click with your mouse. You should get a popup window like the one below this paragraph. Hit insert.

Rpg Maker XP user? There is no materials section, but there's still the empty area above Main you should use. I recommend inserting a few extra empty areas to make it neater.

The 2 above is reserved for special scripts that other scripts use. For example, there's the Rpg Maker XP SDK and Tsukihime's VX ACE Effects Manager. These (if you're using them) have to be above other custom scripts that require them or the engine will bug out.

Was this short 'How to insert a script' good enough?

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Some scripts for Rpg Maker XP will ask you to edit the other files. I don't recommend using them - stick with the ones you can copy and paste into your projects.

Every script is used in a different way.

Refer to the instrucitons wherever you found the Rpgmaker script.

It's a good idea to read through them all before you put it into your project.

Many also have demos you can play through, with examples.

Some are considered Plug and Play, creating their effects automatically.

Some use Notetags or Terraintags to determine their effects.

Some use Filenames or Comments to determine their effects.

... and so on.

Others require you to have some programming knowledge.

This is usually basic (hashes, arrays), but not always!

You might be required to edit the script itself to customize it. This is generally done in the top area, before any of the actual Ruby script. All of the ones I post can be edited there. This also lets you upgrade the scripts (if they have bugfixes) without losing your changes.

I recommend putting the script's site address there as well (if it's not included), incase you have problems. You can comment out any line by putting a # in front of it. This will turn it green and the Rpgmaker program will ignore any of that ruby code.

I can't understand the script instructions. Help?

Respond on the forum threads about it. The creators usually help people use theirs.

No forum thread, or an inactive one? Try posting at any of the Rpgmaker communities listed below in the Troubleshooting area. These are filled with helpful folks who'd like to give you advice, if you're nice and polite. Link to wherever you found the script with your request. Don't simply paste the whole thing there. People need to see the entire page and author's comments to understand how it is supposed to be used.



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Not every script works perfectly, or plays together with others.

These message boards will help you figure out what's wrong.

Please don't ask for script help here, use the communities above! :) - Guestbook / Comments

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