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SEO Best Title Search Engine Placement Length 4 Search Engine Company

Updated on March 21, 2011
SEO Best Title search engine placement length
SEO Best Title search engine placement length

Best Title Search Engine Placement Length

When trying to optimize titles by using a SEO best title search engine placement length system then there are a couple of things to understand first. In short I'll explain how some of the information that I have gathered through research on my own has helped with placement of the titles I choose with Google SERPs.

Not all titles need to be lengthy but they do need to describe (approximately 70 characters or less) what the article or hub is generally about using some keywords that are relevant to the content.

By using some useful keyword tools to research the best title placement length for an article or hub is what can either help make or break how well a particular title will rank in the Google search engine company pages.

Also keywords in the title will help determine whether the title gets pulled up on the page during a search query for those keywords used in the title. Now of course their are other factors in the algorithm that also determine if a page gets crawled by boogle bots. The other page optimization techniques are also very important to page rank but are not part of the title length information discussed here.

***** Getting page rank is one important thing to keep in mind while trying to achieve traffic views but actually having the pages "indexed" meaning being found first by google bots and then by a search query must be the factors that are applied to a title relevant to the title before it can even get a good search page ranking.

Confused? I'm going to explain further just what the point is in Title Length and Search Engine Rankings that will increase search engine rankings and search engine placement on the pages of the Google search engine after a search query.

More About title length and search engine rankings

Why Choosing a Title is Important

So why is having a good title important? The reasons are not always obvious to the newbie and sometimes seasoned writers forget about the importance of a title.

Titles are taken for granted when in reality they are the first thing someone will see in a search for keywords that are in your title and in the content.

Hence if you create a funny title that says something like "Jimmy has holy shoes". Your title will show for word searches for jimmy, has, holy, shoes. ANd thats it!!!

So what you have done now is you are totally relying on the content in the first 156 characters of the description to do the selling on whether or not someone clicks on your link.

The description or summary of the hub or article is the next thing the searcher sees when they do a search for a keyword you may have used in the content.

Are you with me yet?

Have you gotten and idea of what it is that I am trying to covey that makes a title length for search engine placement so important in the eyes of google bots and the internet surfer looking for keyword search terms.

Going back to the top approximately the first 70 characters is all that is shown in a title. You can count them when doing a google search you will see the first 70 characters and everything else after that is a [ ...... ].

To conclude what is being said here about using as many of the first 70 characters of a title is to choose a title with keywords that really describe what the content is about but still has a nice flow (because gloogle likes flow) and is also appealing to the reader.

If you don't catch the search term the user is looking for then your hubs and articles won't get the traffic and the readers with then click on a search term title Google search bots have found for them.

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  • WoodsmensPost profile image

    WoodsmensPost 6 years ago from Arizona

    Thanks andyoz for commenting and reading. Glad the tips were helpful.

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    Andrew Orrell 6 years ago from UK

    An interesting read, very helpful. Thanks

  • WoodsmensPost profile image

    WoodsmensPost 6 years ago from Arizona

    philzgrill thanks for the kind comment. :)

  • WoodsmensPost profile image

    WoodsmensPost 6 years ago from Arizona

    Thanks katiem2 glad you liked the tips I have learned here at HP.

  • philzgrill profile image

    philzgrill 6 years ago

    well done WoodsmensPost! thanks,phil

  • katiem2 profile image

    katiem2 6 years ago from I'm outta here

    Great tips on title search engine placement. Well done! :) katie