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Shoot It with a Canon

Updated on April 27, 2016

That's a Canon????

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE grasp this concept.

This lens is primarily for my own amusement.

You know - fun. And it is my desire that it might

afford you at least one grin. If you are not a

Canon person, that is fine, just go along for the

ride. If you are in a real serious mood - you might

want to click out now and save yourself some time.

Now do not make fun of the image.

I made it myself. For the kids. Made it out of scrape

and old Escort wheels. And as you can imagine it

is nothing more than a large "pop gun".

A point of interest. Originally the gun was not loud

enough. You could not hear it at a distance. You

know, not enough depth of field. So I reduced the

aperture and I got a lot more "bang for my buck".

Now for those of you in academia who are offended

because I confuse the issue by using a photographic

term in relationship to a field piece, I'll try to make it

simple enough you can understand it.

This pop gun built for the kids did not have an adequate

report. This was rectified by reducing the muzzle

opening by approximately 75%, there by increasing the

velocity of the discharge increasing the range of the


Now, that was simple enough, wasn't it?



Cameras are toys. And as you can see, sometimes you have to make

your own little toys.

Now another point. I am not trying to push any brand of camera.

The camera you have is probably better anyway. .

I have had so many cameras I cannot

remember how many I have had. Most brands I have had

several of. And as you can see, I am not a photographer yet.

Barely a "picture taker". So, the problem lies within myself,

not the cameras.

I have had or have;











and liked every one of them

A side note for simple old people like myself. I am a

simple person. I do not like to be confused. and I

hate menu's. So most cameras are too complicated

for me.

I have had a number of each of the major brands.

But for a simple old person like myself I think the

Panasonic's are the most user friendly. I have

about four of them yet.

These Are Canons Too.


This is my currant crop of canons

You can tell I am short several types of cameras. I

think it is obvious I still need at least

a bridge type camera,

and a Pro type of camera.

Just like in the Army. Canons come in different sizes. And

any picture taker ought to have a least one of each.

The Little Guy That Started the Whole Thing.

IMG 8838
IMG 8838

This is a SD750 that I have had for years.

It is out dated, but still works great. There are no plans

to replace the little thing.

Just a few of the specs. on the little guy.

It is called a Powershot and has 7.1 MP.

Point and shoot, of course.

Optical Zoom of 3X

Screen or LCD size of 3"

(It is easy to see even for my old eyes.)

Now get your tape measure out. It measures;

Depth = 0.77 inch.

Height = 2.24 inch.

Width = 3.61 inch.

And only weighs 4.59 oz.

The Perfect Granny's Camera - Helping Granny

IMG 8840
IMG 8840

Granny. You do carry pictures of your grandkids with you every

where you go so you can brag on them , don't you?

Here's help.

What size photo do you carry? Probably about 2-1/2" X 3-1/2".

So how many can you carry? A dozen? Several dozen? Several

hundred? That is not enough and you know it. So consider a

small camera like this with a large screen (Any brand will do.)

Some of these cameras are so small that you can carry them in a

shirt pocket or small purse. Then you will always have it with you

to shoot the kids with, or show and tell anybody that will listen.

The things you need to consider are;

Price, - remember, we are not working now.

Small camera - easy to carry.


Large screen - easy to see.


Huge capacity - lots and lots of pictures of that kid.

and Price.

That small camera in the photo. My wife took it on vacation

with her and took hundreds of photos. And it only has a 2 GB

memory card in it. I have seen 32 GB cards for sale on eBay.

Now don't that make you think?

I took some pictures of my grandkids out in the woods. (They may

not be as bright as your grandkids, so they required more memory

than your grandkids.) But the average photo only required about

195 KB of memory with this camera.

If you don't mind smaller photos, like VGA which is 640 X 480

pixels and good for a print of about 4"x6" or even 5"x7" -

depending on the quality of the camera. [On the camera screen

you would not be able to tell the difference between a large or

small image.] And if you had the 32 GB memory card in there.

You could hold about 167,772 photos of your grandkids in the

camera. If that is not enough, you could carry an extra memory

card or two. Those are SD cards and only about the size of a

postage stamp. With that large 3" screen on the back, you could

entertain your listener for days on end non-stop without even

going to extra memory. 167,772 X 2 or 3 = ??????????

Granny. You could probably get a good used one for about


What Makes It Tick?

IMG 8844
IMG 8844

Here is the door of the camera opened and it's

insides taken out. That little battery in all the years

I have had this little jewel has not given me any trouble.

At least yet. It can use a couple of different memory cards.

But I just love those little SD cards. Easy to use

or carry.

It's Inside

IMG 8847
IMG 8847

Cute. And easy to use. Even for us old folks. If you do not have one of these cute little cameras that will slip into your pocket - get one of some brand or other. Put it in your pocket or purse and you will always be ready to shoot someone or something.

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