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Siteground Review 2020: Still Popular Web Hosting Provider?

Updated on June 12, 2020
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We recommend siteground #1 hosting, Our Siteground Review Section Explain All plans, features & Coupon after that you decide why siteground right choice for you

SiteGround Review
SiteGround Review | Source

Siteground Review

Siteground Review
Siteground Review | Source

SiteGround Review

SiteGround has a special focus on meeting the computerized or digital marketing and training needs of small businesses, and it has engineers who work on the WordPress core programming itself. It is a popular shared hosting provider that offers its users multiple different hosting options. It includes WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, and even dedicated servers.

SiteGround shows a legitimate responsibility to help its users prevail in their online ventures. So we have been monitoring SiteGround’s cheapest shared plan for over two years from now by a third-party tool. And once again, we were satisfied with the results — an average page loading speed of 302 ms. It is an unbiased, transparent review.

Instead of competing in one of the given areas, their strategy is to provide the best to their customers.

  • Smart custom solutions according to your needs
  • Advanced Security
  • Custom software solutions
  • And affordable pricing

Siteground Review & Features

  1. Their web hosting plans are specially made for speed and security and come with features like 24/7 support, uptime guarantee of 99% and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  2. SiteGround value-priced hosting packages come along with unlimited bandwidth. Their least expensive hosting plan starts from $3.95/mo.
  3. SiteGround caters to everyone from starting bloggers or small businesses to set up online business/e-commerce and more.
  4. They are well-known for their WordPress expertise in the web hosting industry.

Try Siteground. Free Trial. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Best results for Small Businesses

For so many reasons SiteGround is good for startups and small businesses. They will offer you Enterprise Hosting, where you can construct a server according to your needs and then you can take one month trial. Any host can provide you with that, but as your business is growing, and you aim to get more. They have the ability to grow your business without moving to a new hosting. Moving your hosts to a new web hosting is always a time-consuming process. So whenever possible, it is good to stay with your existing host. And SiteGround makes that simple for you.

What Makes SiteGround Stand Out?

SiteGround offers practically all that you would expect a web host to offer. There are several shared, cloud, and committed web hosting plans and packages, just as managed WordPress hosting plans to browse. They likewise offer special offers intended for resellers, WordPress clients, and even undertaking customers. Truth be told, their altered solutions are one of the most well-known highlights that make them different from others.

SiteGround Hosting Packages

SiteGround Hosting options include:

  • Shared hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Dedicated servers
  • WordPress hosting
  • Enterprise hosting
  • Reseller hosting

Backups and Restores are Free on All Plans

How much resource does SiteGround offer?

You will get so many hosting options, that moving hosts will never be required. You can start with their cheap Startup shared hosting plan and then go to any plan you want- the Super Power Cloud Hosting plan or hundreds of dedicated servers to create your own cloud with OpenStack.

Some of their services:-

  1. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) – Most of the host provide you SSL for all the hosted sites. If you don’t have an SSL security certificate, then the viewers will receive a warning that they are going to enter an unsecured website! It is essential for your site to have SSL security. This means that the information sent between the server and the visitor will be encrypted. You can see this in the URL, which will send all the data as non-encrypted HTTP and not in a secured server as HTTPS.
    • If you are going to sell things on the internet, you need to have an SSL certificate and your site has its own IP address. SiteGround will provide both of these to you.
    • If you are not selling any product online, then you not need to have an SSL certificate and the same as with an IP address.
  1. PCI Compliance – All online stores need to be PCI compliance. For having PCI Compliance you have to upgrade your hosting plan to the GoGeek. It is something where you can discuss with SiteGround’s excellent customer service. They will help you to set up your PCI.
  2. Quality Customer Service – The best thing about SiteGround Hosting is their customer service. Not all business people are computer experts. But the SiteGround support team is. They will help you figure out your solution and often install software or otherwise change your website for you.

Pros of Using SiteGround Hosting

  1. Uptime – Consistently having good uptime should be one of your top priorities. If your website is down, then your users can’t connect with you. SiteGround starts strong with 99.99% uptime throughout the Year. This hosting review is based on at least 2 years (24 months) data.

After doing a survey of 30 web hosts, the standard “good” uptime is 99.93%. That might appear to be pretty high, but in reality, it is somewhat below average uptime for hosts. So preferably, we don’t see anything less than that. Their 99.99% of uptime puts them among the most reliable hosts we have reviewed.

Having an average uptime like this keeps users happy. It means that your website is working around the clock so you never miss any of your clients.

Last 12 Months (2019-2020) Average Uptime:

April 2020 average uptime 99.92%

March 2020 average uptime 100%

February 2020 average uptime 100%

January 2020 average uptime 100%

December 2019 average uptime 99.99%

November 2019 average uptime 99.99%

October 2019 average uptime 99.98%

September 2019 average uptime 99.98%

August 2019 average uptime 99.98%

July 2019 average uptime 100%

June 2019 average uptime 99.99%

May 2019 average uptime 100%

  1. Website Load Speed – Website loading speed is the second most important thing after uptime and load time can literally make or break your site’s success. So, the load speed for website success should be up to 302ms.

Research says that more than 50% of customers or users will leave if your pages don’t load within two-three seconds.

(Once a slow web host…. always be a slow host).

But you no need to worry about that, if you are using SiteGround hosting. Their average website loading time is 302 ms and that isn’t the fastest, but it does place SiteGround near the top 10 at load time.

We have been monitoring our website which is hosted on SiteGround & while we check performance using a third-party tool. And once again, we were satisfied with the results — an average page loading speed of 302 ms which places them as the 3rd fastest site out of everybody that we have tested on.

Siteground Review Uptime 2020

  1. Security and Backup Options – Chrome has started warning website that doesn’t have an SSL certificate. Good security options will prevent hackers and helps to protect any of your personal information details like IP addresses or credit/debit card numbers. If the site is not secured from hackers then others could easily trace information.

Basically an SSL certificate is a requirement for all websites till today. And, SiteGround gives these in for free on all the plans.

SiteGround has servers spread out over three continents, which helps to keep loading times fast and provide a good customer experience.

  1. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee – SiteGround gives you a full 30-day money-back guarantee on all shared hosting plans. In comparison, their cloud, VPS, and dedicated hosting plans only come with a 15-day refund. If you are not fully satisfied with the performance then you can ask them for a refund.

This refund policy applies to new clients. So you cannot get refunds on renewal plans and also like any other web hosts domain name fees and any extras are not refundable.

Try Siteground. Free Trial. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Cons of Using SiteGround Hosting

  1. Renewal Rates are high – Every web hosts that we have reviewed are almost using the same trick. They attract users with cheap shared hosting plans and do it double or even triple the rate when it’s time to renew the plan. SiteGround’s features a low $3.95/month advertised price on their website.
  2. Domain Name is not free – most of the web hosts provide domains for free to attract new customers. And also provide low introductory rates and additional services like email or migrations. But unfortunately, SiteGround doesn’t do that. If you don’t have a domain name, they will charge you for one from day one when you have chosen the plan, starting at @$15.95/year.

SG Optimizer Plug-in

SG Optimizer is a WordPress plug-in created by SiteGround to improve the presentation of WordPress instances hosted on our facilitating stage by different optimization procedures. In this instructional tutorial, we will furnish you with data about the various functionalities that SG Optimizer gives. The accompanying topics will are shrouded in details

  • SuperCacher Controls
  • Environment Controls
  • Frontend Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Multisite Options

SuperCacher Controls

The SiteGround Super Cacher system will give a few layers of reserving to your website – Static Cache, Dynamic Cache, and Memcached. Static Cache is turned on by default for every one of their clients and isn’t WordPress explicit. The best performance help for WordPress is accomplished by utilizing the Dynamic Cache and the Memcached. These must be turned on by the client in the Cpanel (figure out how in Super Cacher tutorial), and afterward associated with your WordPress with the SiteGround optimizer plugin.

SuperCacher controls cover the following topics

  • Dynamic Caching
    • Manual Cache Purge
    • Automatic Cache Purge
    • Exclude URLs
    • Test Cache Status
  • Memcached

Environment Controls

Environmental Controls is consisting of the following topics:

  • HTTPS Controls – After you enabling the HTTPS, you will get an additional option – it will fix your Insecure Content. In most cases, this does not need to switch on. Use this option only if you notice any unsecured or mixed content warnings on your website after switching the HTTPS.
  • PHP Version Controls – Normally, new PHP variants improve the presentation of WordPress sites. That is the reason we have included a simple PHP switch alternative in SiteGround Optimizer module.
  • GZIP Compression – This is a system for compressing your content before transmitting it to your user’s browsers. It saves a lot of networking traffic and makes your site load faster.

Browser Caching – By enabling this choice, this module will add the essential guidelines to your .htaccess document to ensure that your user’s browsers will store static content as far as might be feasible making your site load blazingly quick for bringing visitors back.

Frontend Optimization

This will cover the following topics:-

  • Minify HTML, CSS, and JS – Empowering every one of these highlights will extraordinarily improve the loading speeds of your site by expelling every single superfluous character from your CSS and JS documents just as the HTML output of your site. That will reduce its actual size and improve the loading time of your pages.
  • Remove Query Strings From Static Resources – A standard use of the WordPress content load process is to add an adaptation of the content that is loaded. Evacuating those adaptation parameters improves the caching ability of your pages both by a CDN that you may utilize and your user’s browsers. Note that evacuating the inquiry strings won’t prevent these assets from being stacked over again once you make changes to them, so you should not stress over that.
  • Disable Emojis – By default, WordPress will load content to consequently recognize and produce emoticons in your content. Debilitating this alternative will prevent that content from loading, sparing some valuable time.

Media Optimization

Media Optimization has covered the following topics:-

  • Optimize Images – It is significant for the loading speed of your website. This plug-in can streamline both all your current pictures and the new once you upload. We have chosen optimization strategies that give ideal outcomes without diminishing the quality of the pictures.
  • Lazy Load Images – This alternative makes your pictures load just when they are going to get visible to your users and not in the underlying initial loading for your page. By turning on the fundamental Lazy Load option, the main pictures on your site will begin utilizing this Optimization.

Try Siteground. Free Trial. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Multisite Options

At the point when you log in to WordPress multisite establishment as Network Admin, you will have the option to get to the multi-site management panel of the SiteGround Optimizer.

It covers the following topics:-

  • Global Settings – Some of the SiteGround Optimizer settings (PHP version control, GZIP Compression, Browser Caching Option, Memcached) can just have very much the same status for all destinations in your network. The Global Settings tab shows you the real status of these system settings. Any change you do through this tab is applied genuine to every one of your sites.
  • Per Site Defaults – Most of the SiteGround optimizer settings can have custom status per each different website. You can alter the default statuses for these settings in the per-site defaults tab. Changes made in this tab DO NOT make a difference to effectively dynamic to sites. They just demonstrate how your new websites will be made. On the off chance that you have to change any of these settings for the functioning of a website, you need to use the site administrator interface of SiteGround Optimizer on the site you need to change or edit.

SiteGround Plans and Prices

SiteGround Dashboard

In August 2019, SiteGround just got its own brand new custom hosting dashboard. This dashboard is not applicable to existing hosting accounts yet, but new clients are now able to take the benefit of a new dashboard experience. Existing SiteGround customers have been moved step by step over to the new dashboard in September 2019. Now they are able to experience a new custom hosting dashboard.

So if you are thinking about using SiteGround, keep reading for a look at the new hosting.

Overview of new Dashboard

Go through everything one by one that is going on in the new SiteGround account dashboard. When you first open SiteGround, you’ll see some new tabs:-

  • Home
  • Websites
  • Services
  • Billing
  • Referrals
  • Marketplace

Let’s see the Websites tab, which is where you all can manage all of the websites in your account

This area includes some links that let manage to cache and staging sites. But to use all of these features, you just have to click the Manage on the website you want to work with.

From here, you are now able to access all the tools

Site Tools

In the Site area, you will be able to manage your FTP accounts, website’s files, and database.

File Manager

From the File Manager, you will get a nice file management experience that will help you to upload new files and edit existing ones without needing to connect via FTP.

Your experience will be great than cPanel’s File Manager, and it is very smooth to work with.

To edit your site’s .htaccess file, you can just click on it to open a file editor right there in the interface


To edit your WordPress site’s MySQL database, you will use phpMyAdmin.


Now go to the Security tools, which quarter a few key features for your account:-
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It will let you easily create on-demand backups of your site

SSL Manager

The SSL Manager will let you easily install the free SSL certificates that SiteGround offers

HTTPS Enforce

You can also easily implement SSL and rewrite the links from HTTPS Enforce tool, which is really suitable

Blocked IPs and Protected URLs

SiteGround will offer you two helpful tools if you want to restrict access to your site.

First is that you can use the Protected URLs tool to add a password to part all of your website at a server-level

From Blocked IPs tool you can block IP addresses or IP ranges. This is helpful if you are experiencing a malicious action from a specific IP address


The Speed tools will help you to speed up your WordPress website.

There are two-speed tools that help you:-

Cloudflare Integration

To begin with, SiteGround offers a devoted Cloudflare integration that makes it simple to liberate up or premium Cloudflare service. While it’s not very hard to set up Cloudflare yourself, it’s consistently ideal to have a worked in incorporation.

Caching Management

Second, you can likewise deal with the server-level reserving that SiteGround executes.

You can deal with the static reserve and Memcached from the SiteGround dashboard, while you’ll oversee page storing from the SG Optimizer module.

WordPress Tools

If you are using WordPress, then the WordPress tool section will help you with some of your preferred tools.

Install and Manage Tool

In case you’re propelling another WordPress site, the install wizard gives you an extremely advantageous approach to introduce a new copy of WordPress. In case you’re wanting to launch an eCommerce store, you can likewise preinstall WooCommerce as a component of the install procedure.

Auto Update

The Auto Update tool will update your site and also handles automatic updates.

You can also set different timing for using major and minor releases on your site, and you can also disable or enable automatic plug-in updates for the site


The Emails tool will help you handle email addresses on your website. You can easily get or sign up a new email account for your website.

And you can also set up you’ re:-

  • Accounts
  • Forwarders
  • Spam protection


The new dashboard provides you more access to in-depth analytics for the site. You can easily get information about all your:

  • Overall traffic
  • Audience
  • Traffic sources
  • Audience behavior
  • Audience technology


SiteGround is a moderate and exceptional web host because of their awesome customer support, uptime, and priority to security and load speed. As well as they also offer the most feature-rich hosting available. Exploit this SiteGround coupon that gives you an incredible 70% off on the shared hosting plans.

Grab this Deal – 70% Off Discount Applied

In-built caching feature

If you don’t have a website, then you will be presented with their Getting Started Wizard. It will ask you a few questions, you have to tick or choose the appropriate site-building software, and it will create a website for you. Then, the support team will contact you to see what you think about it and how they can help you further.


  1. What is SiteGround’s cheapest hosting plan?

You will get the SiteGround’s starting plan @$3.95/month. They also offer you a risk-free trial with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It means that you get a full refund as long as you cancel within the first 30 days. It is not applicable to the renewal plan.

  1. Can I install WordPress on SiteGround?

WordPress can be “one-click” installed for free using Softaculous which is a built-in script application in cPanel. There is a range of other web applications that you can one-click-install as well, such as Joomla, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop to name just a few.

  1. Alternatives for SiteGround?
  • Bluehost Hosting
  • A2Hosting
  • GreenGeeks
  1. Does SiteGround offer a free domain name?

Last year SiteGround used to offer a free domain name with their shared hosting plan. But from now, they don’t. The price of the domain is a little high than the market price. For example, a .com domain on SiteGround is @$15.95.

  1. Is SiteGround worth your money?

The technical support is one of the best things SiteGround has to offer, and that makes everything – from pre-sales to resolving technical issues – easier. It is worth your money and you forget about regretting; as you will thank us later.

SiteGround Review of Shared Hosting

From this overview, it’s obvious to see that SiteGround exceeds expectations in the entirety of the significant parts of web hosting (for example execution, uptime, security, and client assistance). The organization’s hosting administrations accompany tremendous features some of which are not offered by other web hosts.

Whether you’re an amateur or an ace, SiteGround settles on an extraordinary web host as you get the opportunity to appreciate effectiveness, solid uptime, perfect execution, exceptional help, class-leading security, and premium highlights regardless to which hosting plan you purchase.

You get a liberal 30-day free trial to demand a discount; none the less, you ought to consistently get your work done before making a guarantee to any hosting provider.

Price‎: ‎$3.95/month Rating‎: 4.9 – 2379 votes

SiteGround Black Friday Deals 2020: Up to 70% Discount Offer

Siteground Review on Twitter

We screen tweets about SiteGround and exam in order to analyze as tweets as positive or negative. This permits us to yield an endorsement rating score, which depends on genuine rating, positive and negative, opinions about SiteGround on Twitter. SiteGround endorsement rating score is 81%. This depends on a sum of 2546 tweets that mention SiteGround on Twitter. There are 2074 mentors that share a positive opinion and 472 notices that express a negative conclusion.

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