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Speed Up Your Internet Browsing With Firefox

Updated on February 27, 2009
"Meet a Firefox" Photo Courtesy of: /geeks (Pool)
"Meet a Firefox" Photo Courtesy of: /geeks (Pool)
"Meet THE Firefox" Photo Courtesy of: jdubflickr's photostream
"Meet THE Firefox" Photo Courtesy of: jdubflickr's photostream

Tired of Spammers? Scared of Hackers?

Have you ever experienced receiving at least 40 spams a day to your email? You must have. And you hated those irritating, ingratiating and often gibberish messages from strangers that overwhelm your inbox.

But you couldn't do anything but swallow your annoyance and then delete the garbage one by one. Worse, this had become a daily ritual for almost a month. Can you imagine how much time you were wasting then? You were 'cleaning' instead of surfing the net.

What about having nightmares about the passwords and the confidential numbers of debit and credit cards being stolen and abused by Internet robbers? It's enough to give you insomnia.

"Firefox 1.5" Photo Courtesy: Beta (set)
"Firefox 1.5" Photo Courtesy: Beta (set)

The Mozilla Solution

Good news! There's a simple solution to these problems: Mozilla Firefox. This is an internet browser that provides high-speed web surfing, and is dependable because it also provides protection.

How much does it cost? It costs you nothing. There's no money involved with Firefox. It's free and always available.

And what's more? The brilliant minds at Mozilla created Firefox as ‘open source', meaning the source code was developed to be accessible to any programmers anywhere in the world that would care enough to play a part on the formation, perfection and acceleration of this software.

The many technology geniuses of our modern times put together all their ambitious ideas into a fantastic reality. They had improved Firefox by creating the ‘add-ons', ‘plug-ins', and many other features, which turned Firefox into an inimitable internet voyager. The Firefox is now known as the most customizable browser on the web. It can be altered to fit its user's requirements.

Firefox was initially conceptualized as a better option and as a remedy to important internet concerns; such as lack of security, unpredictability and sluggishness of existing browsers. And since its release, Firefox has been performing to everybody's expectations.

"Mozilla's Mighty Firefox" Photo Courtesy of: Screenshot/Misc.
"Mozilla's Mighty Firefox" Photo Courtesy of: Screenshot/Misc.

Never Worry with Firefox

Confused by all the ‘techie' terms? Alright, here's one more to come your way. Then, we'll switch back to the common language of the ordinary but enthusiastic web surfers.

(NOTE: Don't be fooled. I just sound like I know about everything but I am relatively new at the subject of browsers. I almost fainted from fear when I downloaded Firefox the first time. I was expecting my whole system to burst into flames or something.)

Obviously, NONE of my fears about Firefox came true. Or you would not be reading this very first hub that I created!

Now, let's get back to this technical term - "ActiveX".

"Firefox - A Ferocious Guard" Photo Courtesy of: Rob Lee
"Firefox - A Ferocious Guard" Photo Courtesy of: Rob Lee

Make Firefox Your Hero

ActiveX is a software module. Its main purpose is to manage multimedia documents, and it can also be used to transfer information between applications. It's a Microsoft product and currently controls Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Apple Quicktime Player, Windows Media Player, Real Networds RealPlayer and Sun Java Virtual Machine.

For the most part ActiveX is a positive tool for multimedia purposes. However there are security issues connected with Active X controls. Active X controls can do basically anything that any other application can do, so when you download a page which contains a harmful Active X control, you're basically installing malware onto your machine. And often it's very difficult to determine if the Active X control connected with the page you're trying to load is malicious or not.

Fortunately, with Firefox, you don't have to worry about that because it doesn't download Active X controls at ALL unless you specifically install a plug-in to allow for it. It could happen that for what you're doing you require compatibility with Active X. Fine, just install the Active X plugin and all is well. For the rest of us, we can rest easy knowing there's one less threat to our computers.

A Faster Firefox!

Good thing Firefox is here to save our precious privacy from spiteful attacks!

Firefox is intended to guard its user's private information. It is armed with a complete set of tools and settings.

Added to all these wonders, you can make Firefox even faster. Just add an extraordinary extension to your standard installation of Firefox, and presto, your Firefox will turn into a ‘Fasterfox.'

No kidding! Even having all these attributes, Firefox is still quicker and more agile than other browsers.

Firefox Fires the Public's Interest!

"Your Future Gmail Inbox at Firefox" Photo Courtesy of: Dramatic
"Your Future Gmail Inbox at Firefox" Photo Courtesy of: Dramatic

Go for the Elite Browser

Make the switch today! Join the hundreds of millions internet users worldwide! Download your very own copy of Firefox!

According to Mozilla, Firefox is swiftly ensnaring the interest of the general public. The official website also predicts that Firefox will soon be declared as number one among today's internet browsers.

In fact, Google, a popular name in the web business, has put great trust in the incredible capabilities of Firefox, by including a built-in Google Search box on the newly-released version of Firefox.

The potent tandem of Google and Mozilla should give you a clue that Firefox is the best, the fastest and the safest of all browsers on earth. An elite browser - still all free and can be fully-customized to your heart's desire.

"A Firefox Popup Blocker" Photo Courtesy of: hdiwan's photostream
"A Firefox Popup Blocker" Photo Courtesy of: hdiwan's photostream

Safeguard Your Secrets

Still not convinced? Throw away your apprehension. Just keep in mind that your private storage of confidential data needs utmost protection from dangerous intruders.

Here's one of the attractive features of Firefox. It can remember the most-used passwords even if they're on different web sites.

I tried this first, and I appreciated the convenience of not having to recall and type an intentionally complicated password all the time. For a bonus, Firefox can set a master password that will safeguard all your secret keys.

Indeed, Firefox is uniquely designed because of the extensions and the plug-ins. "What the heck are these extensions of which you speak?" you might ask.

Firefox is Simply Amazing

The ‘extensions' are undersized add-ons that can bring new functionality to your Firefox browser. At your command, your browser can show the exact weather conditions in your location, for example.

The ‘plug-ins' are small programs that permits Firefox to accept, and also display, the contents coming from different web sites. ‘Plug-ins' for Java and JavaScript, Flash content or .pdf files are also available.

Amazingly, Firefox can still keep its small size even with all these great innovations.

History of Firefox

"Firefox's Dynamic Extensions" Photo Courtesy of: Patrick Haney (Flickr)
"Firefox's Dynamic Extensions" Photo Courtesy of: Patrick Haney (Flickr)

More Options from Firefox

You have options with the Firefox ‘extensions'. These can be disabled when not in use or be uninstalled any time you want.

There is an endless supply of extensions, but my favorites are session saver, all-in-one sidebar, all-in-one gestures, and the fasterfox.

The Session Saver keeps hold of what you presently have in your browser in case of power black-out or computer breakdown.

The All-in-One Sidebar is a convenient toolbar that can be hidden on your browser's left side.

The All-in-One Gestures controls the Firefox with mouse actions.

And just to mention it, Firefox comes with tabbed browsing so you can have as many windows open as you want while still keeping your screen neat. Just flip back and forth between the tabs. Only one window shows at a time. I don't know what I'd do without tabbed browsing.

"My Busy Browser" Photo Courtesy of: Apexdv's photostream
"My Busy Browser" Photo Courtesy of: Apexdv's photostream

The Unique and Dynamic Fasterfox

‘Fasterfox' is a great extension to speed up Firefox even more. But how does Fasterfox speed up your connection? Here are the methods used by this extension:

1. With a unique prefetching system that will recycle idle bandwidth by silently loading and caching all of the links on the page you are browsing; and thus, increasing dynamic speed,

2. Fasterfox allows users to tweak many rendering and connection settings such as cache and DNS cache, simultaneous connections, pipelining and so on,

3. This extension uses a millisecond accurate page load timer, which will test the effectiveness of your settings,

4. Aside from the pop-up blocker included in Firefox, the Fasterfox extension also includes a pop-up blocker for pop-ups initiated by Flash.

Want to experience faster and safer browsing? Download Firefox now! It is free software for everyone to enjoy, And it's superiority as a browser is without question. You'll see...

The Fastest and Safest Browser on Earth

Here's a step-by-step download and installation tutorial for Firefox. Just follow the instructions in the video--and within a few moments, you will experience the fastest and safest internet browsing on earth!

Installing and Using Mozillla Firefox

"My Browser" Photo Courtesy of: Dramatic's photostream
"My Browser" Photo Courtesy of: Dramatic's photostream

Your Very Own Firefox

Let's set up your newly-installed Firefox. Run the browser and choose ‘Tools->Options‘. You will see tabs such as: the General tab, the Privacy tab, te Content tab, the Download tab, the Advanced, the Browser tab.

Just watch the following video on how-to speed up an already speedy firefox!

"Mozilla's Firefox" Photo Courtesy of: stefan2904's photostream
"Mozilla's Firefox" Photo Courtesy of: stefan2904's photostream

Features to View

On a final note, let's view the Firefox's Features: the Bookmarks, the Tabs (for Tabbed Browsing), and the Download Manager.

Bookmarking conveniently saves time because you can immediately save a particular page that you intend to open again in the future.

The Tabbed Browsing displays simultaneously opened web pages in the same window.

The Download Manager helps you keep track of your downloads at all times (unless deactivated, of course).

That's all, folks! That was a bit long but worthwhile. So, what are you waiting for? Start downloading your Firefox! And tell your friends about Firefox! Just click:


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    • NickSimpson profile image


      8 years ago from Jacksonville, Illinois

      You got one awesome hub here. I loved the video with the street interviews, a little old now but still very relevant.

      -Nick Simpson

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      fire fox is very nice!!!! and now i know more about it!!

    • Angela Harris profile image

      Angela Harris 

      11 years ago from Around the USA

      I agree. Firefox rocks. Thanks for all of the additional information. I wasn't aware of some of these cool features.

    • profile image


      11 years ago


    • profile image


      11 years ago

      thanks for the information!!! good job. you got me hook with firefox.

    • Freegoddies profile image


      11 years ago

      Amazing Information On Fire Fox,thanks.

      You could be a good affiliate of Firefox.

      By the way,with your Firefox also get a spam free e-mail account.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Good tech advancement. This should go on yahoo page as advert.

    • profile image


      11 years ago


      thanks for the information

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      NICE :) very well-explained.

      "you did very well. =D"

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Very interesting, and well worth reading. Firefox is the new Netscape and gives people a chance to use somethings that is not linked to Microsoft. Not only that, Firefox is probably faster and more versatile that Explorer - that's why it's now so popular.A good insight into the subject. Thanks!

    • Debt Free Project profile image

      Debt Free Project 

      11 years ago from U.S. and Parts of Canada

      I love firefox. Good info. On a rare occassion, I have to slump to IE because of a compatibility issue, and when I do.... I know it's going to be a bad day.


    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Great detail on firefox. Down to the point & thoroughly explained.

    • MrMarmalade profile image


      11 years ago from Sydney

      Very good explanation of Firefox.Thank you


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