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upvc (glazing) glazed door selection

Updated on November 14, 2012

Know about uPVC doors

uPVC Front doors

Doors are used for privacy as well as for security. Every house has a front door maybe individual or apartment . Here we shall know about the front door choices. Basically front door should be with aesthetic look and appealing . Apart from this , we should be considering the longevity of the door , we are going to place, such as withstanding against the heat, rain and other misuses and natural conditions. Even though we prefer wood door , here I would like to write more about uPVC door which has special properties than wood.

What is uPVC

Almost every people know about PVC ; that is polyvinyl chloride which is basically a polymer is used for bonding purposes. In other words , it is called as thermoplastic material. This uPVC is abbreviated as follows ; unplasticized polyvinyl chloride.This upvc is made using recycling of plastic material. So it is considered as eco-friendly material also. To make doors out of uPVC , followed careful processes.

Advantages using uPVC doors

1. This type of doors comes with ranges of colours , which makes us to choose to match with outside wall colors or environment.

2. Even it comes with wood finishes; Makes the door look like naturalistic.

3. It comes with single-glazed or double-glazed , even triple glazed. This type of glazing act as thermal insulation.

4. Because of the glazing ,it reduces the noise level. Especially when it comes for traffic areas or town-side houses.

5. Apart from that , we may able to get solid uPVC doors also.

6. Because of its chemical charactertics the door acts as flame retardant.

7. Basically this material stiff and strong. So , there is no question for warp, twist , or bowing like the wood door.

8. Lowest maintanance because of soap water will solve the cleaning problem.

9. Comfortable with wooden frame.

10. Needs to be used brass or brass coated steel hinges.

11. Comes single or double leaf shutters. single leaf standard sizes 82"x45" as maximum.Double leaf standard size 82"x75" maximum.


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