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Buy Videoconferencing Equipment For Business Use

Updated on January 23, 2011

If you have a desire to do audio conference calling and be able to see the person or people on the other side of the phone line then videoconferencing equipment may be the choice you want to make. Conference calling companies save money on travel expenses and have better communication outside of the office faster and more efficiently.

Video conference calling allows individuals, groups, and business to have conference calls that are more personal and better delivered. It goes without saying that when you have face to face communication and can see a person speak you can understand what they are saying better by their non verbal communication. You are more likely to understand their point, and retain the information if the conversation involves actually seeing the person who is speaking.

Videoconferencing Equipment for Business Use

If you are looking to buy videoconferencing equipment for business purposes you want to consider the following before making a purchase

  • Type of System: Will the video conferencing equipment be installed in an office or conference room, a portable unit, or PC Based.
  • Monitor or Projector: Will your business be using this for a few people, in this case a monitor may suffice. If the use will be for many individuals then consider purchasing an LCD projector.
  • Other Videoconferencing Cameras: There are a few types of cameras that can be used for conference purposes. Many monitors and projectors have the camera installed as part of the system. Other cameras such as the Robotic video conferencing cameras are highly desired for many businesses that have a need for the camera to automatically follow the speaker. This is a very popular type of camera for teaching and lecture purposes.

video conferencing system
video conferencing system

What To Look For Before You Buy

If you are going to be conference calling companies or groups and need the best equipment some things to look for are

  • Easy to use and install monitors or projectors. If you will be outsourcing the set up for the equipment be sure to request at least an hour of instruction so that your office or team will be able to use without needing further assistance down the road.
  • Many models have remote controls. This can make answering the incoming conferencing calls or starting out going calls easier and quicker to get your meeting started without delays
  • A friendly, intuitive, easy to use interface that can be customized for your companies needs.
  • One button calling is common helpful feature for busy offices.
  • Ability to jump back and forth between video feeds with ease.

For Individual Use

If you are looking for a way to have face to face communication directly from the computer desk, there are many more simple options to consider. Because the communication will only require the ability to see the individual sitting behind the desk, there are cameras that attach directly to the computer monitor that will work for your needs.

Although basic web cams do work, a PC based camera meant specifically for regular or frequent conferencing between individuals will be a better choice.


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