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View Different Calendar Month on Samsung Reality Cell Phone

Updated on January 16, 2011


When you bring up the Samsung Reality calendar, by default you will only see the current month calendar view. Since you can use your Reality cell phone calendar as a planner you'll naturally want to access the other months of the year so you can fill in appointment dates, birthday dates, meeting times, etc.

How do you see last month's ,month on the Samsung Reality phone? How do you see next month or two month's from now?

This is very easy to do.  You just need to grab your cell phone handset and follow the few easy steps below.  You'll be using you cell phone as a great monthly planning tool in a minute.

Step 1

With your screen unlocked, Press  "Menu" icon on your cell phone screen.

Step 2

Press  "Calendar" icon on your cell phone screen

Step 3

The Samsung Reality calendar will appear on the screen. By default, you will only see the calendar for the full month of the current month.

Step 4

If you want to see last month's calendar or previous months, touch the Samsung Reality screen and drag your finger to the left.  This will take you to the previous month.

If you want to see next month or future months, do the same thing but drag your finger across the screen to the right. This will take you to the next month.

Thanks for reading. Hope this helps you to view different calendar months on Samsung Reality cell phone calendar.


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